Can you say suckers rally?

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  • Wed, Oct 15, 2008 - 02:21am



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    Can you say suckers rally?

The stock market never ceases to amaze me. It’s 20% analysis and 80% hope. The world markets and America start pumping tons of money into countries in any way they see fit, and we have a huge suckers rally. People are once again bring alot of these overinflated, bloated companies up again. GM and Ford? A merger of GM or Ford or Chrysler? Another big mistake because they are all bleeding capital like a dam break. They will be bankrupt very soon. China has announced they will have a car model with BETTER luxury than a Lexus on the market very soon for under 18k. That will put the slap on some of the foreign car manufacturers and as they expand production, the death nail for American manufacturers. Plus they will be offering commercial aircraft for sale in the near future at prices Boeing and Airbus will not be able to compete with. Not that I want to fly on an aircraft built from China, they cant even make milk products or toys correctly. If you are market smart and have some capital, you can ride this huge suckers rally, but be careful, because the music will stop soon. It is almost insulting to see the Dow and NASDAQ rising into the Green under these conditions. The market correction as a whole will bring the Dow and NASDAQ down to swift lows, and we will have wild swings in the meantime. Ride the right swing now and you can make some decent bank. My grandfather used to tell me "you can’t put a a shine on a turd" and it looks as if that’s true for this entire economy, perhaps worldwide.

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