Can you hear me now? FBI admits warrantless cell phone tracking

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    Can you hear me now? FBI admits warrantless cell phone tracking

[quote=Washington Times]
FBI investigators for at least five years have routinely used a sophisticated cell phone tracking tool that can pinpoint callers’ locations and listen to their conversations — all without getting a warrant for it, a federal court was told this week.

The use of the “Stingray,” as the tool is called, “is a very common practice” by federal investigators, Justice Department attorneys told the U.S. District Court for Arizona Thursday …

Installed in an unmarked van, Stingray mimics a cell phone tower, so it can pinpoint the precise location of any mobile device in range and intercept conversations and data …

But Stingray collects much more than just phone numbers and also “sweep[s] up the data of innocent people who happen to be nearby,” …
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Federal agents are practicing warrantless wiretaps in circumstances that are legally supposed to be limited to noting the phone numbers and times of calls to and from the suspect.  By using new technology they capture GPS tracking, and data and voice transmissions for the suspect, and everyone else in the area.

Uncle Snoop’s long nose in your pocket.

More information
YouTube – I can't get it to link so search "FBI Stingray".


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