Call for reference material

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  • Sat, Jan 15, 2022 - 12:26am



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    Call for reference material

If a friend is NOT following world events too closely, but has an open mind, is there a SINGLE webpage, or Video documentary that can bring them up to date fast ?

Something that summarizes the past two years on ONE place ?

1. The global descent into totalitarianism,
2. Te Covid pretext for loss of bodily autonomy,
3. The coordinated media censorship,
4. The restrictions and draconian mandates (Australia, Europe, etc)

  • Sat, Jan 15, 2022 - 01:06am

    Primary Care_MD

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    Call for reference material

I have three references:


How they are implementing China’s social credit score in the US

Palantir’s Tiberius, Race, and the Public Health Panopticon


The Criminal Conspiracy of Coronavirus by David E. Martin, PhD


Timeline of The Great Reset


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    Jim H

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    The most impactful lie….

As time passes and I see more commentators speak from the mass formation, I see how important has been the suppression of early treatments.  None of it would have worked otherwise.  How can everyone be afraid of something that is readily treatable?  How could the death numbers be ramped up to >/= 10X the worst flu mortality year ever without suppression of early treatment AND the deadly hospital protocols AND seeding the nursing homes early on….

870,000 dead.. it’s like a mantra for those inside the matrix.  It justifies everything..  myocarditis and all.  It’s two layers down in every justification for every draconian measure.. and IT NEVER HAD TO HAPPEN.

Two sources;

Tyson and Fareed – no deaths with early treatment;

Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD.  24 deaths in 150,000 patients treated early!



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    Call for reference material

this is an interesting site on vax injury papers that might be of use.


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