C19 Study

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    C19 Study

Somebody’s gone through a lot of effort. Site hosted by Google.


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    Reply To: C19 Study

Nice compilation — noticing the negative studies ( vs many more positive studies ), they are the ones including the veteran one done in the US – where it was “late administered” basically to the sickest and used as a “Hail Mary”

But as I said in another post a couple days ago,  there is a huge discrepancy in deahts/case-rate in the US, UK and countries like India and russia which have about half the reported deaths..  My believe was its their use of HCQ early.

I think it would be nice to actually post those studies references here along with the charts.  I know its a lot of data , but its really a lot of good nuts and bolts.

The Vitamin D stuff shows strong and consistent as well.   Virtually, all deaths under 45 had low Vitamin D.  And tended to diminish with age, though still a consistent curve, but it would be expected as with other comorbidity increase. Yet the FDA sent ceased and desist letters to Vitamin D manufacturers, sellers and promoters for something that is this important and well recognized not for a specific disease treatment but as for proper immune function…   so that is way out of hand.

The Ivermectin, though much more limited in study, is extraordinarily compelling in effectiveness.

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