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BTC above $5k – but for how long?

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  • Fri, Apr 26, 2019 - 12:22am



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    BTC above $5k – but for how long?

Nice pump action at $4k

$100MM coordinated buy within minutes of each other.

Nothing shady there…

NYC Supreme Court investigations…

Here’s the full court document


BF’s response

Also be aware $300MM magic money printed out of thin air just a couple of days ago, I wonder why they wanted to change the address that creates Tether…?

As much as I mis-trust this manipulated market I still think the end of the bear cycle is in sight, plenty of evidence the largest whales have already been accumulating, maybe one last dip to kill off the weakest worthless alts to allow BTC and the worth while ones to attract attention…

ps ETH not looking pretty atm either…


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