Brooch jewelry brooch with crystal Woodpecker [zi531290] – $71.24 :

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    Brooch jewelry brooch with crystal Woodpecker [zi531290] – $71.24 :

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Brooch jewelry brooch with crystal Woodpecker

Brooch jewelry brooch with crystal Woodpecker

$167.29  $71.24
Save: 57% off

  • Model: zi531290
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  • Name: Brooch jewelry brooch with crystal Woodpecker
    • Swarovski brooches are not only for some ladies, but also girls. They may be mature, graceful or even cute. The refined design, good quality and exquisite crafts make the Swarovski brooches fabulous! You can adorn it in bosom, on a hat, as a scarf buckle, or you can wear with a chain to be the sweater chain. They are versatile!
    • Inventory: In Stock
    • Manufacturer: Swarovski Crystal
    • Category: Swarovski Brooches

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