Break through cases and the innate immune system

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    Break through cases and the innate immune system

Vaccination against the corona virus spike protein bocks the body’s ability to generate innate immunity, I believe by blocking the #7&8 toll [spelling?] pathways to form neutralizing antibodies against the corona virus family of viruses.

What happens in a breakthrough infection? Have the spike protein antibodies dropped low enough that the body is able to form neutralizing antibodies to the corona virus, or does the prior vaccination still block the innate immune system?

If the innate immune system is still blocked, how many infections would it take to stimulate the innate immune system to finally protect you from the corona virus?

How do you get off the vaccine treadmill?

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    Break through cases and the innate immune system

idk about most of those questions however re: getting off the treadmill: would suggest looking into ‘high zone tolerance’ iirc. Dr Robert Malone has talked about this a bunch and says eventually the immune system will stop responding to ‘boosters’ and iirc it will actually start getting suppressed.

There is also the concept of original antigenic sin. It sounds like new vx would have to take this into account and be different enough from the original antigen to get the body to see the antigens as being different enough to generate new ab.

Geert has talked a bit about the suppression of innate ab post vx and iirc it was related to competition w/ the adaptive ab. I think it was Dr Cole that said his patients were showing signs of immune suppression post vx. Haven’t heard a follow up yet to see if they have more data on the duration and if it’s temporary or long term.

I haven’t heard anything that could answer your questions yet..

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