brandy vaughan “removed” just in time for C19 vaxes. 🤔

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    brandy vaughan “removed” just in time for C19 vaxes. 🤔

  • hi everyone,

(i hope i’m doing this right.)

merck whistleblower, anti-vaxxer & “learn the risk” founder was discovered unresponsive by her 10-year old son whom she adored to pieces. tragic. no one is talking about it at all. i sent info to a youtube reporter who i usually brave on subjects, but in her latest video she says there are 3 subjects she can’t really touch if she wants to keep her youtube channel. (kim iversen show). the vaccines was one of them. i also think she fears for her life after seeing videos of the “messages” left during recent break-ins at her highly secure home. tragic, again.

though most of her work was a few years ago challenging california’s sb277 (forced child vaccinations, which became law in 2015), she said in her many talks around that time that big pharma’s next cash cow is vaccines. beings her talks were pre-COVID, her testimony from then now seems more prophetic than she could ever know.

she said back then that big pharma considers 85% of adults vaccine insufficient. she didn’t know then how they would work to “rectify” this, but now it seems the writing is on the wall. she said that big pharma could get to you through your insurance company (or medicare), & that possibly if a federally mandated healthcare system came to be, they may threaten to drop you if you refuse the vaccine.

her beef about vaccines were in big pharma’s get-arounds:

— since vaccines are not prescription drugs, they don’t require the “rigorous” testing by any agency, as do prescription drugs.

— vaccine injections bypass the body’s natural immune response & go straight to vital organs.

— deliberate toxins (like aluminum & glysophate) are put in these vaccines to evoke an immune response in the blood.

i didn’t pay attention to any of the child  anti-vax stuff because i don’t have children. but all of the prophetic info she put out before any of this just downright makes me adamant about NOT receiving this vaccine.

i’m not a q anon, or other conspiracy theory person, though i do believe all of these things have threads of truth in them. i believe brandy was “removed” so the powers that be can mandate a vaccine that will give people a false sense of security.

maybe i’m preaching to the choir here? maybe i’ve posted under the wrong section? but, chris, i’m curious as to what you make of all this.

stay healthy & strong, everyone!


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    brandy vaughan “removed” just in time for C19 vaxes. 🤔

Thanks for posting this. Learned something yesterday; Bill Gates on a video said he got into vaccines because it’s a great investment. He doubled his fortune with them. Since Gates is a Satanic eugenicist, it doesn’t hurt that vaccines can be used to murder and maim people either.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the concept of predictive programming, please look it up. I will refer you to two scenes from the BBC TV show Utopia.

This is the opinion of the elites. When the woman confronts him about his dire views of world overpopulation, and says let’s suicide, he falters. He says no, “I have an answer.” OK to kill the peasants, but don’t expect the elite to off themselves or their children.

In the story, the Russian flu is being pushed as a false narrative to give the sterilizing vaccines.

I  read in some of the Rockefeller Foundation documents and WEF, that the concept it is kinder to murder you with vaccines/bioweapons than slow starvation is an actual premise for the dark overlords. Silly me, I thought it was just a script construct.

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    brandy vaughan “removed” just in time for C19 vaxes. 🤔

Gates wants to turn the world into an operative system. He already started introducing virus in the system and will now be very happy to forever sell you “protection”. This idea is, of course, very popular amongst big business and therefore, largely supported by them. The end goal is to turn every product into a service.

Here’s another one of Bill’s endeavours:

More Gates-Funded “Brave New World” Science: Fake Breast Milk

Breast milk is bad for climate change.

Just another example that should help demonstrate that climate change, just like the pandemic, is just a means to an end.


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    Findings in Brandy Vaughan Death Investigation 🤔

Here is the report from the coroner’s office posted February 18, 2021

Coroner’s Office Releases Findings in Brandy Vaughan Death Investigation

Last paragraph says:

The Sheriff’s Coroner’s Office conducted a thorough investigation which included an autopsy, in depth toxicology screening, interviews and medical record review. At the conclusion of the Coroner’s months long investigation, the Office determined the manner of her death to be Natural, caused by bi-lateral Pulmonary Thromboembolus.

I wonder: what are the chances that a bi-lateral Pulmonary Thromboembolus occurs ‘Naturally’? (Methinks Brandy may have been ‘Naturally’ murdered in a stealth way.)

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