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Book Review: The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7

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  • Sat, Sep 07, 2019 - 07:12pm



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    Successful psyop indeed

Some time ago I was chatting with various friends and acquaintances and the topic of 9/11 came up. I wish it hadn’t but it did. One man said that he doubted the official story and gave an example of why. (Forget what it was.) I responded with my usual recount of the Co-Commissioners afterwards co-authoring the book in which they said that the Commission had been set up to fail. (I’ve not found anywhere their saying that they overcame the set-up.)

Another man got the utter willies over what I said, and loudly and flatly proclaimed,


I replied, “This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s what the commissioners said.’


“How can this be a conspiracy? They went through it all. They’d know better than we would.”


“So, do you know better than the commissioners? Were you on the Commission? This is their considered opinion, arising out of their experience. This is what they said, not me.”


“Wrong? How can it be wrong? Are they lying?”


Aaargghhh! Give up. In his defence he’s somewhere along the Aspberger’s spectrum, but still, if his method of thinking is anything like the general public’s, then no wonder we’re getting nowhere.

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    re: Successful psyop indeed

The programming can be very, very difficult to overcome and, in all too many cases, impossible to overcome UNLESS there is a personal experience of a profoundly negative nature that causes them to have to reshape their paradigm … and even then, the programming may still override facts, logic, and rational thought and behavior.

Yuri Bezmenov understands psychology.  Note what he says from 5:16 to 5:57.

Their defense mechanism becomes a wall of anger which shuts down their capacity to think and their mind shifts into closed loop perseveration.  In essence, they become temporarily functionally “brain damaged”, so to speak, and the evoked  strong emotion makes it impossible the reason with them.  The Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert explains this phenomena.  They have to “burn through” (i.e. metabolize) the chemicals which have evoked these strong emotions before one can attempt to reason with them with any chance of success.  Best to just change the subject or walk away at that point.


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    Recommend careful read of MintPress

Most of us ask “Who ARE these people?” As we learn about psychopathic, immoral destructive “elites.”

It is my conclusion that Bollyn is mostly correct.

Whitney Webb at MintPress does a stunning job opening up the world of the RED/BLUE ethnosupremacist faction in establishing a global Orwellian prison.

recommended very strongly .

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    Anomoly in the report

Had a quick look through the report

Here I will address an anomaly I noticed.

In earlier posts in this thread in discussion with Grover I wrote about observations on a video showing the upper section of WTC7 from a tripod mounted camera with good resolution.

I noted that at the same time as the penthouse begins to fall, distortions are visible on the face of the building in a line directly below the penthouse and smoke being sucked down into the cavity created by the falling penthouse.

These give a clear picture that the structure below the penthouse down to at least the lowest visible floor started to fall at the same time.


In the recent report they made a virtual model of the building with a number of assumptions made to reduce the processing power  required.

They then ran simulations removing columns 79 80 & 81 for 6 to 7 floors at various levels. Their models results were that if the columns were removed from lower down the penthouse would not fall. It was not until they removed the columns from floor45 up that they got the penthouse to fall.

So given the video evidence indicates that at least floor 37 up started to fall at the same time as the penthouse ( and not a floor by floor progression ) there is an anomaly.


Either the people planting the explosives planted explosives on multiple floors from  as low as floor 37 up to cut supports so that the penthouse would colapse

Or the assumptions underpinning the model did not match the real world structural performance of the as built WTC7


Regards Hamish

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    Reality Check

“Reality Check” – Ben Swann reviews the Franklin Square/Mudson Fire District Resolution calling for a new Federal Grand Jury Investigation, the University of Alaska, Fairbanks 4 year FEA Study into the collapse of WTC 7 and speaks with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s founder Richard Gage, AIA.

Franklin Sq. Fire Commissioner Christopher Gioia Speaks at Lawyers’ Comm. Event in NYC September 2019.

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