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Bitcoin’s blockchain – it’s not just for money anymore. Your new paradigm awaits.

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    Bitcoin’s blockchain – it’s not just for money anymore. Your new paradigm awaits.

Bitcoin’s blockchain – it’s not just for money anymore.


In case you haven’t been keeping up in the world of cryptocurrencies – Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other currencies and their function. You can catch up on the blockchain discussion forum.


Ethereum – Decentralized law.  Introduction of ‘smart contracts’. These will self-execute based on the code as instructed. It can move its own value token called ETH. This token is required to complete all the calculations for the world network to function. This quality gives it intrinsic value. Also acts as its own platform for an entire new ecosystem of many other tokens built on top.

Auger – prediction market that is decentralized – can be used to settle smart contracts


Maidsafecoin – entire eco-system of a world-wide sharing economy.


Golem – Token that allows world-wide sharing of unused CPU time – ecosystem allows payment for huge companies that need temporary supercomputer-like services on the fly.


Zcash – complete privacy (Zero Knowledge) focused money transfer. Helps move money in repressive governments.

Factom, storage of data- commonly focused on health records privately with cryptographic hashes stored in ethereum and bitcoin for access retrieval.

Gamecredits and Firstblood Round.  Gamer type tokens that can be used – in multiple video game entertainment systems. Allows for virtual goods to be bought and sold in underworld economy for gamers worldwide.

Iconomi – a mutual fund investing in the new ecosystem of digital tokens.

Singular DTV – The Netflix of the new paradigm. Might ‘out-netflix – even netflix’. Pay content creators and studios directly rather than a middleman company like Neflix.

RLC – Token that allows real-time cloud storage and services in a decentralized non-company owned method on the fly. Service layer utility of the future for digital tokenized companies in the next paradigm


This is just the beginning. New Intitial coin Offerings are the new paradigm for projects in the future and kick start new enterprises immediately with giving them a leg up with no debt. The tokens can be traded like securities but also give platform access possibly pay dividends for useful contributions. 

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