Bitcoin Webinar This Sunday Jan 7th @ Noon EST

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  • Wed, Jan 03, 2018 - 12:34pm


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    Bitcoin Webinar This Sunday Jan 7th @ Noon EST

The cryptocurrency space is on fire.

Across the board, Bitcoin and its digital currency brethren have experienced mind-boggling returns over 2017 — making fortunes for those who invested in the space just a few short months ago.

Looking at Bitcoin alone, the ferocious pace of its rise has now surpassed that of the largest bubbles in recorded history:

What's going on here?

Is this the most spectacular mania the world has ever seen? Is this all going to end in tears?

Or are the crypto-devotionists right? Is this the emergence of a new paradigm, one that will revolutionize commerce as we know it — and is only just getting started?

If you're wrestling with these questions, or more fundamental ones like…

  • What the heck is the “blockchain”?
  • Why would anyone want to own a digital currency when it's not backed by anything?
  • How do I purchase and store cryptocurrency?
  • How does one determine “fair value” for a digital currency?
  • Is now a good time to buy? (or sell?)
  • What will be the big trends to drive the evolution of the crypto market from here?

…then you've got a lot of company. We've been inundated with requests for a webinar to de-mystify the cryptocurrencies and help both newbies and current coinholders alike understand where the space is headed from here.

Which is why we've lined up Peak Prosperity resident crypto expert Mark Rees to offer exactly these insights. He and Chris will roll up their sleeves to dive deep into a highly-interactive discussion of all things crypto in our upcoming webinar on Sunday January 7, 2018 at noon EST/9am PST.

The full event, which costs $50 (aka 0.003 Bitcoin) to attend, will last about an hour and half, and draw heavily from audience Q&A. So bring your most pressing questions — you'll be able to ask them directly to Mark and Chris.

To register for the event, click the blue button below:

Post-Webinar Playback

A video recording of the webinar will be made available to participants after the webinar is over. That means there's no reason to worry if you can't make the live event, or need to skip out on parts of it due to meetings or other obligations. You'll be able to re-watch the webinar as much as you like.

So if this interests you, register now by clicking the big blue button below:

We've invested in this new webinar platform in order to enable us to produce more of these 'gatherings of great thinkers' for you in the future. We have great hopes for this new webinar platform, but how much we use it in the future will be a direct function of how many people like and attend these live events. So if you want more of these, please participate!

And if there are other speakers you'd particularly like to see in a future webinar, please let us know by contacting us here.


What To Expect: Feedback From Past Webinars

If you haven't yet participated in a Peak Prosperity webinar, here's what you can expect.

Our earlier The End Of Money webinar brought together David Stockman, Axel Merk, and G. Edward Griffin — several of the world's top experts on the central banking system, world currencies and financial markets.

Moderated by Chris, each speaker shared his latest thoughts on our current economic situation (spoiler alert: they're each very worried), as well as his predictions on what the central banks are most likely to do next — and what the implications will be.

David Stockman expressed concern that the central banks are very unlikely to be able to inject emergency liquidity to “rescue” the markets the next time a major downturn threatens:

While Axel Merk, fresh from an event where he mingled with past and current Federal Reserve presidents, shared his observation that the Fed is essentially flying blind at this point:

And in our more recent Dangerous Markets webinar, Lance Roberts demonstrated how so much leverage has been taken on that its servicing is increasingly stealing capital that would otherwise go to savings, consumption and productive investment. Going forward, the demands of the debt service will simply result in less and less capital available left over to grow the economy:

Grant Williams then explained why, as financial assets are (supposed to be) valued on future growth prospects, lower forecasted growth must eventually lead to lower asset valuations. Grant calculates that, should the US see another decade of 2% average annual GDP growth (and it has averaged less than that over the past decade), stock prices should be roughly half of what they are today to be considered fairly valued:

Feedback from our webinars to-date has been pleasingly positive. Here's a sampling of the praise received from participants:

“I am inspired and in awe how the speakers effectively take massive macro subject areas and break them down and put into context so those of us not as plugged into the topic can understand”

“Great info. Looking forward to the next one. “

“Chris Martenson is one of the best communicators in the modern world of finance.  As a moderator he can quickly drill down to the most pressing questions people have with often the smartest minds in the business.”

“Loved the advice at the end.”

“The ability to ask questions to some of the most brilliant minds regarding such topics was worth the price of admission alone! “

We expect this next “Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency” webinar to be just as value-rich, if not even more so, for participants.

Register for it today!

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