Biogas Refrigeration

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  • Thu, Feb 14, 2013 - 09:16pm

    Jason Wiskerchen

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    Biogas Refrigeration

Seeking knowledge and experience with biogas generators / digesters.  Anybody doing research or experimenting with biogas? 

My local Alternative Energies group is working on a number of projects this year to explore energy resiliency for our community (wood gas generators, solar setups, etc) and one project is to design and build a solar ice maker as a demonstration for off-grid food chilling / preservation.  As an alternative to the solar ice maker / ice box setup – I am hoping to explore a setup using a propane refrigerator running off a biogas digestor for a off-grid renewal chilling system.  There seems to be lots of small trailer size refrigerators that run of propane. 

Can biogas be a replacement?  Any thoughts or insights? 

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