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Billionaire backed resource seeking space venture

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  • Tue, Apr 24, 2012 - 01:57am



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    Billionaire backed resource seeking space venture

I heard this news announced this weekend and was waiting to see if anyone else commented on it (and, if they did, my apologies).

I found this press release extremely interesting.  The possible implications are fascinating to consider.  The implications range from a tawdry PR ploy to drive down the price of PGMs (especially platinum) to the possibility that these wealthy and connected individuals are on to a potential propulsion system and/or energy source that would be faster and more efficient than present rocket power.  My wife had the same gut response to this announcement that I did.  When a group of big money boys like this get together over an idea, they know something that isn’t yet public knowledge and are planning to act on it.

I have no idea if there is any truth to what I’m about to mention but various parties have alleged that there is an alternative, super high budget (or should I say, outside budget), black-op space program far, far more advanced than anything NASA has done that has propulsion systems and space flight capabilities that far surpass anything that is yet public knowledge.  It’s allegedly one of the reasons NASA has been wound down to insignificance. 

As I’ve said in the past, there are two potential game changers for the global dilemma we are facing.  One is the development or release of a source of energy beyond anything we can presently produce (i.e. matter/anti-matter, zero point energy, or …?) and the other is the development or release of a transportation system beyond anything we could presently produce (i.e. vehicles altering gravitational fields or space/time with high energy electromagnetic fields).  The former could provide sufficient energy to supply almost any synthesizing process.  The latter could provide no noise, no chemical pollution, no road-requiring vehicles for low to high speed on-planet use and freight moving and possibly even supraluminal speed vehicles for off-planet use.  Something to consider … but nothing I’m betting my future on.





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