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Biggest ICO of the year comming up – End of Peak Prosperity Posts?

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  • Fri, Aug 04, 2017 - 03:34pm



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    Biggest ICO of the year comming up – End of Peak Prosperity Posts?

As anybody who’s followed me long on Peak Prosperity knows – it is common for me to take long Peak Prosperity vacations, sometimes many, many months. The fun of Peak Prosperity members is they are already half-way there for thinking of crypto in the same terms as an Austrian Economics would. Knowing our current financial system is unsustainable doesn’t require nearly as much re-training. 

However, that doesn’t mean everybody’s head is fully able to get around the idea of cryptocurrencies having a role and many still are delusional to think this is just a passing fad or everybody is just going to close the books on the paradigm shift as saying ‘Oh well – I guess we were wrong – we don’t need a trustless world – Let’s go back to trusting central governments!”.   A good strong skepticism is great, but that should also be balanced with an open mind. “Prove it” I applaud. “It will never work – and I’m so sure of myself, I don’t even need to try to understand another point of view!” is unhealthy. Failure to quickly adapt to new realities is the reason for every failed civilization.  We now have a doozy of a new reality. 

It’s been kind of fun convincing hard-headed stubborn people to take another look at this while it’s young enough to change their fortunes. There is still time for that for those with an open mind, strong skepticism to keep you out of trouble. This website is full of great common sense, the people who visit Peak Prosperity are mostly, in my observation, much better than average at using common sense. 


Before I check out, here’s a quick reminder about those who were following and taking my advice early.  Let’s just say each year – they invested $1000 into each technology I wrote about at the time. Then see if any other guest, blogger, investor, advisor, or an interviewer can match it.  In short – you’ve done very, very well for yourself.

in Early December 2013 I was drawing your attention to bitcoin when it could be found under $500

$1000 at $500 = 2  Bitcoins.  $1000 then = $5,740


I wrote this post in 2014 – in retrospect, was I right?  Was I ahead of my time?

3.3 bitcoins for $1000, Now worth $9,500

In March 2016, I was recommending you look into five coins:

Ethereum $12 – Now $225 = $1000 then is now $18,750

DashCoin was about $5.00 now over $186, So $1000 would now be $37,000

Maidsafe was 11 cents now 33 cents, $1000 now $3,000

BItshares (7/10 of one cent) now 15.3 cents.  $1000 now $21,850

Factom: was $2.30 now $18.94.  $1000 then is $8,234


In 2017 


I was recommending Golem under 10 cents.(currently 30 cents) – $1000 now $3000  (Annualized would be $9,000)

Patientory – At 22 cents, it’s about double while still recovering from the asset-class adjustment. $1000 now $1330 – Annualized would be about $4,000)


So there you have nine different recommendations over the articles you can find and reference yourself. See if I left any out.

$9,000 invested based on my education effort would now be worth today $118,000+  This adds up to a 13 bagger in four years. It wasn’t nearly as easy for me with over 10,000 hours of research.


What could be bigger than bitcoin or ethereum? What technology has the chance to pull off another 1000x return?

But, I’m done posting on PP (at least for a while). Follow me on twitter – “mreespublic” if you find my advice “enriching”.



Peace out.


  • Sat, Aug 05, 2017 - 03:59pm



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    Thanks mrees

You certainly have a unique style borne from your genuine enthusiasm and passion for the whole crypto field. Your inside knowledge has helped me – a lot of it from private communication. Thanks for being accessible. I credit JimH for getting me into Bitcoin and you for getting me into the alt-coins. Even though I was set back a long way in the MtGox debacle, I lived and learnt and thanks to my crypto investments since I have completely recovered and created quite a nest egg. It has also been good to help in a small way backing some really worthwhile projects with Ethereum. As you often say "you aint seen nothing yet" and I am sure there is a lot to look forward to in this space – much of it we can barely imagine now. 

As you say, it is not for everyone, but that is fine. For those interested, I recommend following mrees in his other endeavours.


  • Sat, Aug 05, 2017 - 04:48pm


    Jim H

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    Thank you Mrees… don’t stay away too long

I have been sitting in ETH, knowing that it will eventually make another move up out of all this volatility.  Is this the beginning of the next move?  Who knows…  New highs here on overall crypto market cap ($110 B) bode well I think.  

What can coins do?  Seems that applications are limited only by the imagination;

Okay.. now that some of you are interested or curious in what a CDX is, I will explain.  It is a crypto-currency (token) called the CDX Token that will totally REVOLUTIONIZE the alternative community.  It is a new Ad Network that will be outside and separate from the largest ad network in the world, which will greatly benefit all aspects of the alternative community.

Simply put… the Commodity Ad Network will provide content creator websites that join, 2-3 times more ad revenue than they are receiving from the largest ad network in the world and advertisers that join will get a much bigger bang for their buck.

  • Sun, Aug 06, 2017 - 07:55pm



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    Thank you & please comeback

Hi Mark,
Grateful for your contributions on here and private messages. I do hope that you come back in the Autumn and keep posting. I don’t follow Twitter but would be interested if you’re still thinking of setting up your own website.



  • Mon, Aug 07, 2017 - 02:45am


    [email protected]

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    Yes thank you

I find value in your opinions.  Look forward to your return.  You introduced real value in starting me off with a hard wallet.  Erc20 tokens and on and on.  Many thanks.

  • Mon, Aug 14, 2017 - 08:39pm



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    Biggest ICO?

Ditto to all the above.. thanks for the introduction to the future Mark. 

For biggest 2017 ICO you don't think it has already happened? VERI token ICO participants are extremely happy. I was not one of them but have since gotten onboard via EtherDelta. 

Another hot one I was able to get in on was Populous, again only traded on EtherDelta. 

Lastly, one I've participated in, which is still going on is Dimcoin, it operates on the NEM network as opposed to Ethereum. We will see. I have to think the East will lead the way.. I am definitely not opposed to the Chinese approach. NEO has done fairly well as well.

VERI, PPT, DIM.. These are not crypto currencies, they are the businesses of the future. 

Because of you and your advise I am up 5X. It has not even been a year, that happens in Nov, so there is time to go up. THANK YOU SIR!

Going forward I am heavy into LTC. Special things ahead for this coin.

Jim- I will check out CDX thanks for the tip! Initially wondering how it will differentiate from BAT. AdEx is different in that it verifies 'old media' clicks.. I sure wish Google would adopt their platform but alas if that were the case all the click bots wouldn't work anymore! 

  • Tue, Aug 15, 2017 - 12:11am



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MJB,  I agree with your comment about Litecoin: "Special things ahead for this coin".  It's not getting much love from the market right now, but when I recently wanted to make a quick transfer from an exchange to my hardware wallet I chose Litecoin.  Glad I did.  It was virtually instantaneous, and the transaction fee was just a few pennies.  

What a pleasant contrast from recently waiting a very long time for BTC and ETH transactions to go through, and finding surprisingly high fees for them as well.  If I needed to make a quick transfer of funds overseas right now, Litecoin would be my preference.

  • Tue, Aug 15, 2017 - 05:43pm



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    LTC rule of 4 vs BTC

4X as fast, 4X cheaper, 4X as many. Should be 25-30% of BTC right?! 

It's coming..

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