Best way for a newbie to learn blockchain and crypto? Have some skin in the game.

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    Best way for a newbie to learn blockchain and crypto? Have some skin in the game.

I finally decided to do something about it.  After years of practice explaining crypto to people – I’ve fined tuned the message to the most basic ideas. I squeeze it into a one day workshop and include a digital hardwallet safe and teach about the scams to avoid and how to protect your new paradigm digital investments.

I teach how to get on the on ramps to the strange crypto world universe. I teach how to trade coins privately without needing to set up accounts anywhere. This is an amazing and lucrative world where some of my investments have gone up 160,000%. Knowing the right investments keeping hitting for 20 to 30x gains in weeks. Those that have seen my postings through the years know I’ve called them again and again.  And those are just the ones I’ve shared. 

Those coming to my class will know of the others. The coins that have done it in the last six weeks. The ones on my radar that will likely do it next month and the ones months after that. I know of no other group, person, organization that is doing this. By the time you walk out of class you will own your own crypto in your own wallet. You will no longer wait on the sidelines as a confused skeptical person.  I insist on holding your own on a hard wallet because as you know – If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. 

I encourage you to take a weekend trip out to Utah and attend my Crypto Crash Course.  It won’t teach you everything you want to know – it only opens the door and gives you a little skin in the game. I’ve learned that nothing focuses your mind and makes it open to learning like having an emotional connection to what you are about to learn.  People will brag they made 20% in their investment over the year. You’ll grin when you think “I made that last night!”. 

What is coming will blow your mind and make what has happened before seem like nothing.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you aint seen nothing yet.

 Another 20x gain in the near future?  My little tips are worth far more than the price of admission, as many of you are well aware.

See you there!




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