Best country to live in for the coming years

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    Bill Holter re Costa Rica after collapse: gringos may be targets

Bill Holter has an interview on

At ~21.19 minutes into the interview, the interviewer asks Bill how bad he thinks things will be.  Bill talks about how he moved to Costa Rica and lived there for 5 years.  But after their Spanish got good enough, it became their opinion that in an upcoming collapse ("once the banks come down"), gringos would become targets.  For that reason, he and his family moved back to Texas to ride out the storm (back to home turf).  Bill is very clear to say that this is (just) his opinion. 

I am putting this out there for what it is worth, for people considering finding a different country in which to ride out the economic collapse.  I have no idea if others who have lived in Costa Rica for any long duration of time share this idea, but I think Bill's concern is a valid point to consider and research when making a decision to move to another country. 

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    Learn Spanish

Move to Chile, Uruguay or Ecuador. We have lived in Ecuador for over 3 years now yet remain mobile. It is WAY better than living in Texas, Virginia, Florida, or Maryland… all the last places we lived in the States. Find me on YouTube as Nick Veritas.

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