Been Meets Chetty

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    Been Meets Chetty

Definitely worth watching.  Dr. Been lets Dr. Chetty be himself.

The overarching reason why I like this whole story with Dr. Chetty – he didn’t have hospitals to send his patients to, and his patients were quite poor.  And yet – he managed to figure the answer out all on his own, on an island by himself.

According to Dr Chetty:  COVID, in phase 2, is a disease of hypersensitivity.  Essentially, its an allergic reaction.

2nd phase COVID – and long COVID – is a form of MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome).

And – according to Dr. Chetty – if you are suffering from vax side effects, that too is (probably) an allergic reaction, and you can (probably) treat it in that same way.  [That conversation: starts @ 1:10:04.]

“…We are having a mast cell degranulation again – the culprit, still in my mind, is the spike protein.  The vaccines tend to expose you to that spike protein.  Likely we have a section of the population who progress to pulmonary phase of this illness.  I think that pulmonary phase is those people who are allergic, or show hypersensitivity, to that spike protein…the treatment for that would be the same….to stabilize mast cells, to mop up all the mediators…”

Here’s a fun one:

vitamin D – contributes to mast cell stabilization

Conclusions: The data demonstrate that VitD is required to maintain the stability of mast cells. The deficiency of VitD results in mast cell activation.

Look up “histamine” alongside all your favorite components.  I saw hints in there for melatonin, niacin, niacinamide, quercetin, curcumin, and propolis.

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    Reply To: Been Meets Chetty

Wow, the common denominator eh? It’d be a real gut punch to the world if a bit of benadryl were all it required to stop severe reactions. If they pull THAT from the shelves, then we’ll for sure know its malicious.


Edit: You know, this is just the type of thing that mightembarass a Big pharma executive. Knowing a simple and effective treatment works. Sounds fairly cheap too. I bet Dr. Chetty becomes persona non grata in a few days, like anyone who offers alternative solutions these days.

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    Similarities between mast cell activation syndrome + covid

Speaking on the FLCCC’s long covid special weekly seminar a couple of weeks back, UK-based Dr Tina Spiers (sp??), who is an expert on treating MCAS – Mast cell activation syndrome (See and is now treating long covid with great success, got really enthusiastic about the similarities between the two diseases. She comes on at the end of the session. So she has seen the connection!

Unfortunately the video of that seminar is not yet on the FLCCC website but it was in June and was their long covid special so you can easily find it as soon as it’s posted.


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