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BBC’s 2013 Utopia- Globalists require vaccination that sterilizes people

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  • Wed, Apr 08, 2020 - 07:42pm



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    BBC’s 2013 Utopia- Globalists require vaccination that sterilizes people

I once read that in the works of Aleister Crowley regarding Magick, one must inform the intended victim ahead of time to extract the maximum power from them when executing the crime. When the public is pre-conditioned, many refer to this as Predictive Programming. The subliminal and overt introduction of ideas or actions to decrease the horror response in the general population when a disaster occurs. Television and movies are favorite venues. Even the Simpsons seems to have a fair share of coincidental premonitions.

There is a BBC 4 tv series production from 2013 called Utopia. The premise is that a virus called Janus is going to be released on the world’s population hidden within a vaccine. Janus will cause general sterility for approximately 40 years, as only 1/25 will be capable of reproduction, thereby reducing the population to an “acceptable level.” It is being instituted by a secret enclave of bankers, politicians, etc. onto the general public. They concoct a pandemic threat by releasing a known pathogen on a town, killing all the inhabitants.  They then press for the administration of an already available vaccine prophylactically.  Sound familiar?

Why is Dr. Fauci the head of a consortium with B and M Gates, WHO, and Unicef that is pushing a mandatory vaccination for Covid19? He went so far as to say “no one could travel without it.” I guess the Globalists feel free to promulgate their agenda now. Dr. Fauci dismissed hydroxychloroquine as unproven and required double blind studies for 15-18 months, but there’s discussion of a Covid19 vaccine by Autumn. How is this possible? Vaccines require the double blind testing and generally years to make and test.

*Excerpts of Utopia are on YT. Warning- it is full of graphic violence, and the opening scenes of season one, episode one are jaw dropping.

The true purpose of Janus explained. *Please note the symbol in the corner of the ceiling.


The eugenicists express their disdain for humans.



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    BBC’s 2013 Utopia- Globalists require vaccination that sterilizes people

COVID-19 is a hoax to get those global mandated vaccines and of course to crash the global economy ahead of a natural collapse that was on he way anyway. Bill Gates himself called vaccines “the final solution”, a term I am sure he is fully away of the meaning, but used it anyway. Clearly vaccines are a depopulation tool, and given this vaccine has a failure from 50 years ago, then more recently in 2002, the current solution was to bypass the animal tests that proved the SARS vaccine was dangerous. All Bill Gates wants just now is immunity, not from the vaccine, which he will no doubt not take, but from legal issues of the deaths he knows this vaccine will cause.. The very face vaccines are not tested with inert placebos is clear sign it is knows they are dangerous with intent.

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