Bad Links on Notifications

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  • Tue, Jul 08, 2014 - 07:55pm



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    Bad Links on Notifications

When I receive notification of a reply in a topic that I’m watching, the link to the comment doesn’t work – it, instead, takes me to the first page of the topic.

For example, I received notification of a reply, yesterday and this was the “Read more” link:

Note that it appears to be taking me to comment-168509, but doesn’t. If I go to the topic and find the reply that I was notified about, the link to the comment (shown at the top right of the comment as some comment number – I think that’s the number of the comment in the topic) is actually:

Note that the comment number is the same but the path to it is quite different.

Can this be corrected, as it is quite annoying?

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