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  • Tue, Jan 27, 2015 - 03:16pm



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Still snowing, but lightly, and the wind has died down. There appear to be twelve to fifteen inches of snow on the ground.  Hard to tell as the wind moved things around quite a bit.  A drift near our gate looks to be almost three feet while there are only a couple of inches near the opposite fence. The snow was heavy and wind strong at times during the night but nothing historic. Power stayed on throughout.

The town plow came by several times but the street is completely drifted over again with more than a foot. Since the roads are still closed we will be home today shoveling (figure of speech as we have a good size snow blower which my sons test ran and fueled before the storm) and cleaning..

It was an interesting exercise in reviewing our preparations. We were ready with some things but will have to work on others. I will have to rethink my snow storm preparedness which until yesterday focused greatly on New Hampshire and not so much on Rhode Island.

Happy shoveling!


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