Australia – The beginning of the US’ Anschluss?

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    Australia – The beginning of the US’ Anschluss?

Sooo, one of the ideas behind ‘why the pullout from Afghanistan now?’ was that maybe the US PTB needed those troops somewhere else. Now, the last couple of days I read articles about all the extra US troops that will soon be getting seconded here to Australia and weapons systems based here. eg Perhaps to be expanded upon later, as needed. The above is obviously in addition to various existing US military presences in Australia including at Pine Gap, of course.

I would note in this regard that according to my investment newsletters Australia is about to surpass China as the world’s largest gold producer, if one were thinking about re-establishing some sort of gold backed currency (even if only for use amongst the billionaire class and IMF members). Also we have exceedingly large lithium and nickel deposits for batteries and various rare earths and valuable iron, gas and coal deposits (though not much oil, admittedly), with a demonstrably more compliant population than Afghanistan. Finally, we have quite a lot of arable land, even if degraded and sometimes drought stricken.

Anyway, it all seems very cosy and no doubt it makes sense for the US to shore up the frankly inadequate defence capabilities of its large, close resource satrapy in the context of Chinese moves. Also, the Australian army is already lending a hand to the State Premiers in policing (and supplying food) to their restive locked down populations. It maybe would not be a huge step in the future to accept some help offered by those US troops to quell any nascent local uprisings against the rather strict public health measures which are obviously necessary to maintain the health and vitality of such a valuable US ally. Also, if any government ministers or leaders were inclined to feeling a bit uppity, well, having significant numbers of US troops and military hardware on the ground might influence those feelings a bit.

On the other hand, strategically, I have felt that Australia was likely to become a rather desirable plum for either China or one of the more militaristic large SE Asian countries that we’ve thoroughly p***ed off over the years as the US empire collapsed into disarray. Possibly with a business model along the lines of the Belgian Congo. The problem of Australia is that the length of the shoreline is not really defensible by the amount of people that the land can sustainably support and there isn’t much in the way of internal barriers. Perhaps a closer strategic relationship with the US is the best we can hope for. Just a pity that at the moment that also means a closer relationship with the insane, sociopathic Western owners class.

I have also had the thought that any upcoming vaccine related disaster this northern winter would be fortuitiously timed to reinforce the current trends of things over here. Given how the majority of the population reacted to a disease with a 99% or better survival rate, with nearly all deaths in the very old and sick, I can imagine exactly how they will react to a disease which suddenly has a dramatically higher death rate in those vaccinated and if this is ADE likely very little in the way of effective treatment or prophylaxis (even if the ivermectin etc story becomes known). It won’t matter why it happened and that they (somewhat) did it to themselves, the vaccinated population will weld shut our country’s doors and borders and most likely double down and force vaccinate everyone and everything in sight in order to protect ‘the vulnerable’ and no matter what the cost.

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    Mike from Jersey

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    Australia – The beginning of the US’ Anschluss?


I can see what you are saying and it appears that the “pivot to Asia” is real.

But I really don’t see how it can succeed.

It will require enormous amounts of energy to fuel such a military endeavor. Now that the US is exiting the Middle East, where is that energy going to come from?

Certainly not from shale oil.

Additionally, the economic system in the US appears to be on verge of collapse. As it is in Europe.

So where is all this leading?

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    Australia – The beginning of the US’ Anschluss?

They say under Capitalism, the guns are pointed outward. Under Communism, the guns get turned inward.

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