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Assume criminals are watching and plotting

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    Assume criminals are watching and plotting

Two South Jersey burglars find homes to burglarize by studying the obituaries in the newspaper and then hitting the deceased's home while the funeral is going on.  This kind of thing is common all over the country.

The key is to be constantly aware that there are criminals out there looking for victims and accepting that you may be targeted.  Take appropriate steps to protect yourself and your property.

In this case, the easiest countermeasure is to hire a housesitter for the hours that you will be away from home for the funeral, wedding, bar mitzvah, etc.  Any event you will be attending that a stranger could discover should be considered for hiring a housesitter.  If you can get a friend or family member to house sit for free, all the better.

Be careful though.  You should explain to your housesitter WHY you want them at the house and the measures you want them to take to make it VERY obvious that someone is home.  You should also discuss with your housesitter what they should do if someone knocks on the door, calls the home phone, or begins the physical act of breaking in.  In light of all of this, it wouldn't necessarily be right or wise to hire the 14 year old girl who babysits your 7 year old child if you and she don't think she should be exposed to the potential danger and she isn't fully prepared to respond appropriately and safely.


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