Anybody out there?

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    Anybody out there?

Hey all,  obviously I’m a FNG, but I have a question.  Is there any country out there that is bucking the bailout trend?  I read a long time back that some country in the south pacific (Indonesia?) cut themselves off from the market.  The US can’t do this, but does anyone see any other ‘small’ countries doing this?  Would/is it a good move for them?

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    Re: Anybody out there?

Hi New Guy.  (I had to look up FNG.)  The F part goes without saying, since all of us humans are generally programed to F through our DNA.   🙂

Anyway, there may be some country not into the bailout mania and if anyone knows of it, I’d be equally interested in hearing which one it is.  I would think that the larger economies would be doing their part, since they have the same systems and paradigms.  Small places like Fiji, Tonga, Western Samoa, Vanuatu etc. (you mentioned the South Pacific) are not part of the same system and instead rely on favors and hand outs from bigger economies.  They are in no position to be part of any bailouts.  

Interstingly, however, such nations could cut themselves free of the system and return to their ancient economic roots.  They could create local, self reliant, sustainable societies.  Having spent some time in Fiji, I doubt very much that they would do so willingly as they too are mesmerized by the glitter of consumerism.  Sigh.



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    Re: Anybody out there?

I believe there are about 178 countries involved with the imf/world bank.

this is the system which runs the international economy. there may be some countries which are not involved but these are countries with no redeeming qualities. ie natural resources that multinational corporations would be intersted in. indonesia never cut themselves off from the market. they opted out of opec for a while but the rape and pillage of the natural resources never slowed let alone stopped.

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