Any Mid-Michigan Dr. that will treat in hospital with Ivermectin

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    Any Mid-Michigan Dr. that will treat in hospital with Ivermectin

Found out my work friend is on Day 12 of Covid and was admitted on Oct 6 and today, Oct 9, they say shes getting worse most likely preparing her family for intubation which to my mind, means death. Diabetes is complicating things. Spending my day throwing darts at the phone book trying to find a doctor that agrees to ivermectin, as the hospital refuses to allow the Rx.  Same for attorneys that might be play the white knight.

Anyone know of a doctor or attorney that has dealt with this???   Any fighters in the Lansing Michigan area??

Any names or ideas  to help here??

-Worried sick,



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    Any Mid-Michigan Dr. that will treat in hospital with Ivermectin


Unless they are willing to entertain it as a right, when things are looking terminal, you have no chance.  Even under court order.   My question is why are they at the hospital.  They are probably getting worse due to standard of care.(run death is near fauci drug)   What is happening is people are so fearful of this, if they feel really bad when sick  they want to run to the hospital. Usually, only an individual really knows when they feel that bad ( unless you have other things to make a more objective determination like tanking blood pressure , and tanking o2 saturation or temperature ) I would not recommend anyone go to the hospital.   I know your friend has diabetes and that is a big deal with covid.   But, I still think serious illness is not the same as “we need to kill you”.

I would get them out of the hospital if they refuse to treat.  Period.   Then you may get someone to give it to you out-patient.    I’d get them on Vit C 3 grams per day,  Vit D 15000 IU per day,  Zinc 50mg /day , NAC 1500mg/day.  Quercetin  right away.  and then you can add other stuff.

The do not manage this well in the hospitals , they give you a drug that kills you.

I had a friend last week ( with some health issues – nothing considered risk with covid ) who was at day 7 of covid with fever but fever increased to 104.5 and they were ready to go to hospital.   I convinced them to not go, sent them some supplements I use , NAC and another  ( they had been using Vit C, D , zinc, elderberry etc. )  Had them take larger doses of vit c and d and NAC  , and a nutriceutical.. and in 24 hours, they were good to go.   no fever..  back up and around with some mild fatigue.

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    Reply To: Any Mid-Michigan Dr. that will treat in hospital with Ivermectin

Here is a list of doctors who will prescribe Ivermectin.

You might find one in Michigan on that list.

And I found this:


Millennium Cardiology, Farmington Hills, Michigan,

Fundamental Healing, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
In-network with BCBS of MI, Priority Health, United Physicians and Aetna. Seen as a specialist with a referral for Blue Care Network. Consults $228/hr for those without insurance. First two visits are a cash pay with superbills provided at the end of the visit with CPT and ICD10 codes to be submitted towards your in-network deductible.

Whole Family Direct Care, Marshall, Michigan
We are a direct primary care practice.

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    Dr Surreptitious might help

I am so sorry for your dilemma, day77.

One of the PP members suggested a small container of Vaseline, emptied out and cleaned, then filled part way with that apple sauce that horses love.  Would need to sneak in a 1/2 tsp measuring spoon to eat a daily treat.

Maybe send it all in inside a care basket of a teddy bear, slippers, chapstick, a flower in vase, get well card and box of mints.

The box of Altoids could be refilled by Melatonin, zinc, quercitin phytosome, Claritin, NAC and D3 with the instructions–“one of each daily at bedtime.”

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    Any Mid-Michigan Dr. that will treat in hospital with Ivermectin

Thanks Sand_puppy, really appreciate your time and ideas, we’ll see what the family is game for.  -Val

Dear day77,


Perhaps, given the hospital setting, a physician would be receptive to the other treatment alternatives included in the FLCCC’s I MATH protocol. Here is link to said document:


MATH+ Protocol


Early in the US response to the pandemic, Dr. Pierre Kory was one of this 1st physicians to advise on the use steroids to combat Covid-19 as he realized with the confirming consult of other experts of the diseases strong similarity to a uncommonly diagnosed pneumonia. Maybe a chest x-ray would yield a similar diagnosis in your friend’s case given the length of and increasing severity of illness.


I learned the above through Dr. John Campbell’s interview of Dr. Pierre Kory. See below:



Lastly, Dr. Kory warned recently as the Delta variant spread that a greater dose of Ivermectin has been needed than in the not too distant past. Perhaps calling or direct messaging voa Twitter Dr. Kory could be considered – he might know someone with some influence there in central Michigan. It never hurts to ask.


I sincerely hope your friend returns to health soon.







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