Any ideas on a haven?

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  • Fri, Apr 17, 2009 - 10:31pm

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    Re: Any ideas on a haven?


Welcome! Don’t worry there seems to be a fair number of us in the under-35 crowd (even a few in their late teens I believe), so you’re not alone. 

Anyway I think you’re hitting on a very key point which is that flexibility and adaptability is of prime importance, in where we live and anything else for that matter. I know that’s easier for some of us than others (those who are older quite often own real estate and have family and career situations ill-suited for quick change), but I think it’s important for all of us to be as flexible and adaptable as is possible for our situations. I personally try to ask myself "how much flexibility does this allow?" when making or planning preparations for upcoming hard times. As a result, if I see some preparation as severely narrowing my options and alternatives, I won’t do it. The only time that’s been a big factor so far is regarding a potential real estate purchase… we currently don’t have the resources to buy property without taking a loan, so my wife and I will simply rent for the foreseeable future. Granted we won’t be able to do any large-scale gardening or implement solar heating and electricity with the average rental property, but not having any debt and not being tied down to one location is more important to us. As far as ‘havens’ go I’m moving my family to an area that’s the best choice for us, but I’ve also got two backup options planned out, one of them being outside the country (just in case the absolute worst happens and it’s too dangerous to keep the family here).  And lastly, the term TSHTF gets used here an awful lot but it can mean different things to each of us, and I think most of us can agree that there can be widely varying degrees of TSHTF. I personally expect it’ll be on the milder end of the spectrum (a 21st century version of the Great Depression), but I can’t discount the possibility that it’ll be worse (mass food shortages, civil war, etc) so I won’t lock us onto a path that would put us at a substantial disadvantage should things get really bad. I’m banking that flexibility and adaptability (along with reasonable preparations) will see us through the worst of what’s to come. 

– Nickbert

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