Anouncement and Volunteer(s) needed: New Forum

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  • Tue, Dec 16, 2008 - 12:37am


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    Anouncement and Volunteer(s) needed: New Forum

We’ve been wrestling with a dilemma of sorts for some time now. The primary mission of this site is to promote the Crash Course and get it seen by as many people as possible. We get excellent suggestions from time to time, and we need to share them with the whole community so that everyone on this site can help get the word out.

Well, promoting the message is the mission of this Brigade, so the brigade forums seem to be the right place to discuss such matters. But we need them visible to the whole community, and this forum is members-only access. We actually considered making the Brigade forums public-viewable, but after some feedback here we decided against that.

So here’s the solution: Today we launched a new public Forum area called Promote the Crash Course. The idea is that this will be the primary place for people in the greater Crash Course community to share and discuss ideas about how to promote the CC. We want to think of this new forum as the public-access branch of the Martenson Brigade, and we want it to effectively be owned and operated by Brigade members. This way, we can continue to keep the Brigade forum area restricted to members only, but now we’ll have a place to put things that we want in public view.

I’m looking for one or more volunteers to be curators of this new forum. The reason I chose the word curator is that the role I’m thinking of is different from a traditional moderator. Moderators are basically cops who police forums to make sure people respect the posting rules. I’m talking about something different, and more involved. We want to shape and nurture this new forum area to really make it a well-organized place for newcomers to learn how they can help the cause. Think of this as a way to engage people who are not yet ready to sign up as Brigade members. The Curator’s job will include but not be limited to:

  • Keeping an eye on the other forums, and whenever someone posts a good idea there that involves promoting the message, asking them to cross-post it to the new Promote The Crash Course forum
  • Organizing the best ideas posted to the forum into a "Best of" article that will appear as a sticky post (meaning it stays at the top of the list), and updating this article from time to time. The idea is to have a clear, concise one-stop-shopping list of ideas, eventually organized by category.
  • Answering questions from newbies and generally creating a welcoming and encouraging environment.
  • Performing conventional moderation tasks, and keeping the discussion on topic.
  • Making sure that newcomers are aware of the Brigade and e-mailing "smart-sounding" people who participate in the forum and suggesting that they consider joining the brigade (recruiting, in other words)

Overall, the whole idea is for this forum to look and feel like the public relations arm of the Martenson Brigade, and the job of the Curator(s) is to help us present that appearance.

Please let us know if you want to help curate (is that really a verb?), and also we welcome any feedback from the brigade on this approach overall. We really needed something in public view that was about promoting the CC, and we didn’t feel it was wise to make the actual Brigade forums visible to non-members. We hope you’ll agree with this direction, but we’re always open to suggestions for further improvement.

Erik Townsend
Business Manager


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