Another Potential Help for Covid: Dandelion Tea

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    Another Potential Help for Covid: Dandelion Tea

This is my story, I make no claims to anything, I am not a doctor, but this is working for me.

I got Covid in spite of basically sheltering in place, wearing a mask and being a hermit (easy for me, I’m an artist) the past 4 months… only going out to bike ride or to the grocery shop, and then in the evenings to avoid crowds. My doc said he thinks it must have been on my hair, gotten to my pillow and then my mouth. It’s that freaking contagious. And seeing as I’ve not been around people, what else could it be? (I thought maybe I picked up something else, and then thought, “How? I’m not around people. What? This is the most contagious thing around.”)

Meanwhile, a doctor friend had sworn up and down about dandelion tea after curing her whole family AND the cat with it.

On the 4th day of the scratchy sore throat, when elderberry syrup, and all my other immune supports weren’t knocking it out, which is normally what happens with anything I start to come down with, I started with dandelion tea*. (Essentially I never get sick for more than a day and a half, don’t get a flu shot, etc.).

* LOL, I weeded my garden! Make sure the dandelion you use isn’t sprayed with anything.

Dandelion knocked it way back, the doc who told me about it said Covid can’t reproduce in the environment dandelion creates. Luckily I also found a doc that prescribed HCQ in America on day 6, which I am now on, along with a ZPak, and all my other supplements (dandelion tea, 220 mg zinc/day, Quercetin, D3, NAC, Moringa, Immunel, elderberry syrup, Kick Ass Immune and Get Over It – 2 great immune supports, Oscillococcinum, Colloidal Silver via nebulizer and about a zillion other vitamins and herbs.).

It’s day 9, I have a slight sore throat and fever today. I’m 64 with blood type A+, so need all the help I can get, even tho I’m strong.

Here’s the link on preparing dandelion and general info:

Dandelion Preparation

Protocol is:
Dosage 1/4 C
1st day 4x / day
2nd day 3x / day
3rd day 2x / day
4th – 12th day 1x/day

I am doing 4 or 5 dosages a day. It is definitely making a difference. When I feel the Covid is on the way out maybe I’ll cut back. Maybe. You can’t OD on dandelion tea and it cleanses and strengthens the liver.

Hope this helps some of you out there!

Oh, and I had found a source for HCQ and ordered some from India. It arrives at the end of this week. Too late! It takes about 20 days to get here. If you’re thinking to order some, get it now and don’t get caught scrambling to find a US doc that’ll prescribe it… like me.

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    Another Potential Help for Covid: Dandelion Tea

Thanks for posting.  I am glad you got the HCQ , 5 days you should be good,  Please keep us up to date.. I am confused < day 9 was first day with fever?

As for how you contracted it – i would think its a mystery too.  However, two possibilities.   1) you did get ( from contamination of clothing hair )  or 2) from food possibly.

This thing is airborne,  so just changing your clothing upon entering home is not enough, you could have on your hair.   As of the last two days, I am making my wife shower after shopping, she had not previously,  But numbers are a lot higher now.  I had always showered after shopping since day 1.

Can I ask how you handle your food coming in to the home?  We quarantine most for 10 days.  or wash packaging that can be washed – or even repackage.    With two people handling the repackaging to avoid cross.

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