Another “Cyberattack”…largest meat producer in the world

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  • Mon, May 31, 2021 - 07:17pm



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    Another “Cyberattack”…largest meat producer in the world

Here it is again…a “cyberattack” with vast potential ramifications not unlike the recent Colonial pipeline attack.  This will likely be allowed to go on just long enough to freak out the populations of the world, again not too dissimilar to to the pipeline shutdown.  IMO, “They” want to purposely slow down the world’s economy, create multiple crises so “They” can come in with their centralized grand solutions.  In doing so “They” steer society closer to the immense change in Western culture “They” are striving for.

IMO, this is all about being on the downward slope of peak cheap oil like Chris has warned about for 20+ years combined with the Grand Solar Minimum the earth is entering.  GSM’s have almost always been associated with governments being overthrown.

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    Another “Cyberattack”…largest meat producer in the world

And despite all the advance clues, at least 90% of “we the people” are going to be shocked and unprepared when the “comprehensive cyber pandemic” hits.

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    Another “Cyberattack”…largest meat producer in the world

certainly a reminder to have food stored.

this weekend, before the meat attach, we just doubled maybe tripled our food stash – at least we have the orders submitted and paid for.  hopefully the product is orders and being processed and shipped (no guarantee any longer)A variety of 25 yr freeze dried meals and 125# of quinoa , then some beans, rice, dried veggies and nuts

  • Wed, Jun 02, 2021 - 01:20pm

    Resilient in KY

    Resilient in KY

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    Another “Cyberattack”…largest meat producer in the world

Is it a coincidence that the JBS meat producer cyber attack, the Colonial Pipeline attack, and now the Massachusetts Steamship Authority cyber attack are all occurring about a month prior to the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon Exercise where the focus of the exercise is to”practice response actions at the moment of a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem”  I don’t necessarily believe in coincidences like this.

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