Another care home disaster

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  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021 - 10:40am



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    Another care home disaster

This is taking place just a few miles down the road from me. It’s a 95-bed seniors’ care home, 82 residents and 30 staff caught covid as of last night. They’re screaming for boosters. Of note: the British Columbia health authority still maintains that covid is passed on by droplets and fomites, it’s not aerosolised (or if so, that’s negligible). Even now. Insane.

So much for safe and effective….

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    Another care home disaster

What the nursing home needs is a scabies outbreak.

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    Another care home disaster

Some smart son/daughter could visit with their professionally fitted n95 and infect multiple patients with scabies. And then miraculously covid clears up. What could go wrong?

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    Great Idea Kat43

I’m devising a plan to sneak Scabies into the home where my 92 year old parents are.

Of course I’ll have to wait for a Covid outbreak and sneak in during the lockdown disguised as a maintenance worker.   Ethically I’m good with this.

Can you buy scabies on Amazon?

  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021 - 05:03pm



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    Another care home disaster

The comments on that tweet are baffling.

Jo Mama @SoSnarkySparky

The 2 most vulnerable sectors of our population, seniors and children, being left to bear the full brunt of this pandemic. This is horrifying

The reply:

Salim Jiwa @realreporter

Ah yes. The ones who are sitting ducks. We give them a voice.

Children? Vulnerable to COVID-19?

These people live in another reality—one with far less reliable data available.

They talk about nothing but boosters and masks. Nothing else exists in their reality. This is the first comment I found with awareness of anything else:

Kristy @Kristy91808800

It’s beyond upsetting not move fast enough on boosters, still not rapid testing guests, mask mandates loose, unvaxxed visitors & staff, not admitting covid is airborne

That one is aware that COVID airborne, and even aware that some kind of rapid tests exist.

A few are actually starting to question the efficacy of the vaccines. This one is close to a breakthrough:

Victoria Joss @VictoriaJoss

I’m double vaxxed and weary of anti-vaxxers but come on!!! Does this not muddy the waters about the efficacy of the vaccine? I’m sure the residents and staff have all had their 2 shots. We need answers to this one. @Archie_Gwailou

I wonder if that is the start of her awakening, of if she’ll forget about this and go back to sleep?

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