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Anonymity versus openness of identity in forums

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  • Sun, Dec 21, 2008 - 04:50pm



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    Re: Anonymity versus openness of identity in forums

[quote=admin]About whether or not an avatar is appropriate … I’m not sure why you
would think it would not be?  Chris is attempting to foster a true
sense of community, therefore being able to identify one’s posts and
information with a picture is certainly of value.  Maybe I’m missing
something in the comment that you can clarify?[/quote]

Sorry I have nothing against avatars.  They’re fun.  It’s a different direction from asking for real name and picture, that’s all.  There is a disconnect.  And I wanted a segue to my last point — put the crash course in second life.  The second life economy is an interesting financial laboratory.

Viewing 81 post (of 81 total)

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