America’s Forgotten War Against the Central Banks

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  • Mon, Jan 12, 2009 - 09:53pm

    Blind Joe

    Blind Joe

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    Re: America’s Forgotten War Against the Central Banks

suggest googling Henry George.

or Jefferson on usufruct. 

  • Mon, Jan 12, 2009 - 10:31pm


    Mike Pilat

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    Re: America’s Forgotten War Against the Central Banks


     Have no fear, we are going to be seeing educational change just on the horizon, but not because of Barack. First we will go through a phase of euphoria (perhaps in a relative sense, given the national mood) then there will be profound disllusionment as people realize that Barack’s toolbelt doesn’t include an oil producing gizmo in it. The disillusionment will continue as we realize that the mid East has been toying with us all these years as they claim to have cheap oil in greater abundance than reality.

      But I’ve always believed that real education is the lynchpin. Real, practical, hands on, helpful for life stuff. If the educational change lags the other changes, we will find a period of turmoil as people fight for resources and the standard of living declines dramatically without any understanding of why. However, if the educational change can at least keep pace (or even ahead) of the other changes we will see, then I actually have a lot of hope and anticipation for the future because I think it will greatly increase our quality of life, even if we are not able to eat as many doughnuts, use as many Hummers, or throw away so many useful items.

     The education that must take place is at the grassroots level. I use this site to inform myself (and hopefully others) about what is going on. But the real changes occur off of this site as each one of us starts broaching the issues with friends, coworkers, relatives, and acquaintances. I never miss a chance to bring these issues into focus with practically everyone I meet. Nearly everyone is very receptive to learning about debt, energy, and the like. There don’t seem to be many that are denying that we have a crisis right now. The issue is that many don’t understand that this is not a blip, but rather a long term, permament period of change we are entering.

     Welcome to Martenson’s site! It is probably the most rewarding and educational way for me to interact with others and learn about all of this.



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