Am I safe from this company policy?

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    Am I safe from this company policy?

posted this already and it got removed, not sure if it was because I linked to an actual full document, though it was unbranded and any mention of the actual business was removed.


Anyways, here is what I think the important bits are.  I am fully remote, just wanting another set of eyes that can confirm, if I just say nothing, am I good to go?


COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy – FAQ
This document includes important information regarding The Company’s COVID-19
Vaccination and Testing Policy, effective Jan. 10, 2022. This document will be updated as we
continue to implement this policy and supporting processes and systems. Please review this
document and contact HR Direct with any questions. You can also submit questions via the
COVID-19 Communications Portal.
The company strongly encourages all employees and contractors to be vaccinated as the best
protection against serious illness from COVID-19. It is important to note that employees have
the choice of providing verification that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or mask and
submit to testing for COVID-19 whenever they are required to be on-site or otherwise in person.
Employees must remain home if they receive a positive test result. On-site contractors are
required to comply with these requirements or, if more stringent than The Company’s policy,
their employer’s vaccination or testing requirements. The Company will verify compliance with
the company’s policy or the employer’s vaccination requirements.
Highlights and key dates:
1. Please view information about the process and complete your vaccination verification
form with Health Advocate. Individuals who have business-critical, revenue-generating
or preserving in-person meetings during January should complete the vaccination
verification steps as soon as possible and no later than Jan. 13. Individuals who are not
meeting in person in January should complete their verification between Jan. 14 and
Jan. 21.
2. For individuals coming into the office, masks are still required until further notice. This
policy does not change the current guidance. In other settings, verified employees may
follow local mask rules. Unvaccinated and unverified employees are required to mask in
all settings.
3. Employee testing will be effective Feb. 7 as applicable, and further information will be
provided before Feb. 1.
Vaccination verification
1. Who needs to provide documentation of their vaccination status?
All employees are required to complete the vaccination verification steps and provide
documentation of their vaccination status or comply with the masking and regular testing
requirements as described in the policy and related documents. All contractors who work
on-site or in person are likewise subject to these requirements or, if more stringent than
The Company’s policy, their employer’s vaccination or testing requirements. The
Company will verify the on-site contract worker’s compliance with the company’s policy or
the employer’s vaccination requirement with their employer.

12. I object to both vaccination verification and testing requirements based on
philosophical or political reasons. Can I request an exemption?
No. This policy contains health and safety measures to help protect the health of
employees, contractors, customers and partners. The company understands that employees
may have differing opinions about the necessity of this policy, and that some individuals
have strong opinions about COVID-19 vaccines. For that reason, the company has provided
a testing option for compliance. Employees who have philosophical, political or personal
objections are not exempted from the requirement to either provide vaccination verification
or participate in testing when working on-site or otherwise meeting in person.
In limited circumstances — as a medical/disability or religious accommodation — an
employee may be exempted from specific policy requirements. For all active employees as
of Jan. 10, 2022, requests for exemption and reasonable accommodations related to the
provisions of this policy must be initiated by Jan. 21, 2022. New hires will also need to
initiate a request for exemption within 14 days of their start date. All requests will be handled
in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. To request an exemption from any
provision of this policy, email [email protected] to discuss your situation.

15. I am working fully remote. If I remain fully remote, will I need to be tested?
Employees who do not verify their vaccination status and work remotely will not need to test
regularly. However, if you come to an office to work or attend a meeting or meet off-site with
colleagues or others for business reasons, you will be required to test prior to your in-person

21. What is the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard and why does it apply to
The Company?
The OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard was issued by OSHA on Nov. 4 and requires
all employers with 100 or more employees to establish a mandatory vaccination program or
provide employees with the option to demonstrate their vaccination status or participate in a
COVID-19 testing program, as well as comply with certain mask requirements.
22. The OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard has been challenged in court and is
being reviewed by the Supreme Court. If the rule is struck down by the Supreme
Court, will The Company rescind its Vaccination and Testing Policy?
It has always been the company’s practice to remain responsive to conditions of the COVID19 pandemic as they evolve, keeping employee health and safety as well as our ability to
serve customers at the forefront of decision-making. At this time, the company’s Vaccination
and Testing program will help protect health while allowing us to meet customer needs. The
company intends to implement its Vaccination and Testing Policy and program regardless of
judicial actions. The policy will be regularly reviewed and may be modified as legally
required or otherwise warranted

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    Am I safe from this company policy?

If the question is whether the OSHA defeat means private employers can force a mandate, the SCOTUS decision doesn’t affect that.  It will have to be challenged separately in court.

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    Am I safe from this company policy?

I cannot tell you that your “good to go” if you just stay quiet.  But it looks like point 15 has you covered.  Then again, it seems we’re missing other parts of the text, so maybe something else in the entire text puts a different spin on it.

I see the choice as this: ask the HR department straight up or go with your gut and find out later if your wrong.  Not sure claiming ignorance if the latter is true will change anything.  So, personally I would just ask.

That’s just my two cents.

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    Am I safe from this company policy?

My employer is supposed to provide a decision today on the previously filed exemptions.

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    Am I safe from this company policy?

A lot of this also depends on what state you are i . Certain states have laws preventing mandates or are in the process of passing laws preventing mandates.

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    Am I safe from this company policy?

seems to say you only have to test if and when you are on site… however you may be required to registered your Vaccination or request testing exemption or religious/medical exemption to the appropriate database by a certain date.. My company started the Federal contractor mandate rules ahead of the mandates .I’m 100% remote and would still need to test weekly.. BUT If I didn’t state my objection to the vaccine and file an exemption request by a certain date in the right place  I was subject to being layed off “actually I still am as my exemption request is not yet approved”  I’m not sure I would do nothing and assume you are ok… Companies are making this SH#T up as they go.. Nike and Columbia are firing all unvaxed this weekend regardless of the Supreme Court OSHA decision.  I’d contact my HR rep or whatever department is running the vax tracking and make sure your 100% remote status is officially in the database and your testing exemption  request is filed …when and if on site is officially in the database by whatever date they are making up.  Basically right now they can do whatever they want, politics and lawyers are turning their back on the constitution … its not really a question of whether is legal or not any more they dont care..  your only recourse is to throw 30K+ at a lawyer and  try and sue after the fact.

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