Alternate video sharing site

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  • Tue, Apr 28, 2009 - 10:01pm


    Ed Archer

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    Alternate video sharing site

Hi all,

A while ago I used to use to promote another group I was part of, nothing similar to any of CMs stuff btw.

Its similar to youtube but it allows you to post videos longer than 10 minutes, the max file size is 100mb which makes it handy.

Another aspect is that it pays you, well for now but we’ll have to see how the economy goes, when people watch your videos and click on the ads afterwards. Its not a spam site but you definatly won’t get rich quick anytime soon. For the record I don’t have any videos there and I don’t make any money off them, never have actually.

If anyone is interested in learning more check out

I might start uploading the crash course there if I get the time, any money will be given back to CM btw. Heck, I`d probally setup the paypal to send it to him in the first place.


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