All eyes on Japan

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  • Tue, Feb 18, 2020 - 03:44pm


    George Karpouzis

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    All eyes on Japan

China has been effectively cut off from the world with exception of a few countries. Inside China they are going to start lifting the lockdowns and get people back to work before they go completely broke.

All eyes on Japan now as they have 126 million people with the worlds 3rd largest economy.

Japan is reporting 74 cases. God only knows what the real number is. 700? 1500? Remember that 80 percent have mild symptoms and many are asymptomatic for 2-3 weeks.  Japan is very urban and has a very high population density. Mass use of public transport as well. I fear it will spread like wildfire over there.

If the virus spreads through Japan are we going to see lockdown measures take place there like we saw in China? Doubtful.

However, if Japan gets hit with viral outbreak we can expect supply shortages out of Japan as well. Also, curious to see if the US and other western countries will implement a travel ban out of Japan as well. Imagine China and Japan suffering production declines, these two countries are responsible for so much global production.

Some very interesting times we are living in. I hope and pray that the virus weakens as it mutates.


  • Tue, Feb 18, 2020 - 05:29pm

    Loy Locke

    Loy Locke

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    Diamond Princess Medical safety

I saw this and found it disturbing,

Diamond Princess is COVID-19 mill. How I got in the ship and was removed from it within one day.    Dr.  Kentaro Iwata

Hope Japan doesn’t get more infections because of this and addressing his concerns.


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