All Cause Mortality Arizona

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    All Cause Mortality Arizona

Interesting article here. Although they do try to blame “unknown” excess deaths on COVID.


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    All Cause Mortality Arizona

Here is an analysis of deaths by period, using the beginnings and endings of waves to define periods:

First, perhaps there is a base count of non-covid excess deaths due to suicide, overdose, etc.  Second, during the first wave in there is a good case for undercounting as non-covid excess deaths per day in blue surge.  Third, during the second wave, there are few non-covid excess deaths, suggesting deaths are well counted, perhaps too well counted as they have dropped blow the base rate.

Finally, non-covid excess deaths surge during the 2nd part of the summer lull.  Note that period 5: 2/20/21 – 8/7/21 is divided into two sub periods at the right shown in darker red and darker blue.  Non-covid excess deaths surge even higher during the 3rd and most minor wave.  This is true in spite of the fact that this is probably the most carefully tested and tracked wave.

I say there is a case for vaccine related deaths starting the week ending 4/24/21 (beginning 4/18/21).

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    All Cause Mortality Arizona

post 4/24 would need an explanation.   Well I can tell you what that is?  Only thing that changed, was not pandemic , just vaccination.

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