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Algae for controlling global warming

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    Algae for controlling global warming

A lot of researches have been going on to find out the various ways to reduce global warming. One among them is the research program going on in Plymouth University in UK. Here the scientists are researching on the possible ways to use algae to remove CO2. Tests are also going on to check the use of algae as a catalyst in the extraction of bio fuels. Scientists have been successful in checking the ability of the algae to remove CO2 / turning the excess CO2 to oxygen. The energy extracted from sunlight, using the algae, is stored in the form of oil and used for the production of petroleum and non-petroleum based products.
Apart from the scientists of Plymouth, many others are also trying out experiments to use algae as a fuel. Many energy research companies are also conducting various tests using algae.
Algae grow in places which are unsuitable for human production, and hence its mass production won’t affect food production or food prices. Algae grow 20 to 30 times faster than any other food products.
The ability of the algae to reduce the atmospheric CO2 given off during the burning of fossil fuels is also being tested. The upcoming news on oil will surely bring some good news reports about these experiments and their results.

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