again. the virus does not exist.

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    again. the virus does not exist.

Sickness of course exists… but consider the commonly accepted viewpoint that “viruses cause illness…” and all the implications that come with that.

what if that is not true?

I’ve been reading the very well researched book: Virus mania by Engebrecht, köhnlein, Bailey and Scoglia.

It is fascinating and worth a read, but may challenge everything you think you know about disease.

cheers!  To your good health 💕

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    Computer programs to “identify” diseases supposedly invented 2009

In 2009 the Bas Congo virus appeared without explanation, killing two children and sickening one adult. It supposedly is a rhabdovirus causing bleeding like Ebola, but looks like rabies under the microscope. It also multiples at a phenomenal rate.

Never seen before or since.

It was “discovered” by Dr.Chiu, a USFC prof, working at that time for Metabiota.  He allegedly invented a computer program to sequence virus genomes in mere hours. To my knowledge, it’s never been implemented diagnostically anywhere although allegedly a fantastic tool.

Metabiota is one of two sister companies founded by Nathan Wolfe. Surprisingly this group was given great access to people for research though the founder seemed to appear from nowhere with almost no published research. When you looked into grant contributors, names like DARPA, City of London, and Google appeared.

When given managerial control if an Ebola outbreak, they fell apart.

when you query them today, this is what you find:

Our mission: Making the world more resilient to epidemics.

So having a computer generated model as the CDC lab standard isn’t that far fetched.

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    virology is voodoo scientism. link to new study.

FRAUD and Crimes Against Humanity Enabled by Virology’s Unscientific Self-Referential Scientism, By A Biomedical Scientist. Virology’s Voodoo Scientism Is Not Real Science


Fan Wu et al. were the first inventors of the SARS-CoV-2 genome and used a patient’s lung fluid sample for de novo sequencing assembly platform analysis to search for short genetic fragments or “reads”. It is important to understand that the samples sequenced were not physically isolated viruses but crude samples containing millions of genetic fragments from the patient himself, and the numerous different microbes (bacteria, fungi) that make up the microbiome, as well as potential environmental contaminants.

It’s not clear how Fan Wu et al. knew which “genome” to choose when all of the options were hypothetical computer constructs, but they chose the longest (30,474 nucleotides), because it had a nucleotide identity of 89.1% with the in silico (computer-generated) bat coronavirus genome (SL-CoVZC45) that was invented in 2018. It was subsequently reduced to 29,875 nucleotides in the next version on GenBank perhaps to make it look more like the 29,802 nucleotides of the bat model genome. The final model was redrawn with a completely different terminal sequence featuring 23 consecutive adenine bases, thereby making it look more like the bat model which featured 26 consecutive adenine bases on its tail.

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