Additional Vit. D info may explain who gets sick and why

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    Additional Vit. D info may explain who gets sick and why

**Cannot take credit for finding this. It was cited in the comment section of a medical forum.

Although some risk factors seemed universal, the wild variety of geographic areas, ethnicities, and general health of badly stricken areas stumped many. What were the common factors?

Echoing many of Chris’ citations from Sept. 9 YT on vitamin D, interference in its actions could be the key to fighting off SARSCov 2. The secret seems to be something named LL37.  This is the molecule formed by D that is both anti-viral and anti-microbial. When properly working, it also stops the hyper-immune response of cytokine storm.

Summary:            “Vitamin D stimulates transcription of cathelicidin which is cleaved to generate LL37. LL37 is an innate antimicrobial with demonstrated activity against a wide range of microbes including envelope viruses. LL37 also modulates cytokine signaling at the site of infections. Fine particles in air pollution can interfere with LL37 destruction of viruses and may reduce effective immune signaling modulation by LL37. While vitamin D influences transcription of many immune related genes, the weakened antimicrobial response of those with VDD (vitamin D deficiency) against SARS-CoV-2 may be in part due to reduced LL37.”

Why did some areas have worse outbreaks?

“Relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, extrapolating from data found at the Johns Hopkins University Corona Virus Resource Center maps showing locations and size of COVID-19 cases worldwide, to date, the greatest density of disease is occurring above 30 degrees latitude (12). Most of Europe, Asia and North America lie within this zone.”

*Additional note: Ecuador had a horrific outbreak even though they live in high sun area.  They have had a severe issue with petroleum pollution in the rivers by oil companies. They had given a “new” rabies vaccine due to high regional cases.

Why did Wuhan in particular have such horrible deaths? Although Asia in general and China specifically, can be like living in an ash tray sometimes, Wuhan was suffering from extreme air pollution this year due to weather conditions. The city had literally been in record breaking clouds of smog for months.

“While exposure to air pollution certainly reduces lung function in multiple ways, one possibility is the impact of carbon and other types of nanoparticles (NP) found in air pollution to inactivate LL-37. NP have been shown to interfere with Vitamin D-associated innate immune protection by at least three known mechanisms, interference with antiviral activities and signaling and changes in lung tissue remodeling.”

“The effects of fine particles in air pollution have more far reaching effects. Recent research demonstrates that LL37 can be altered by enzymatic activity of peptidyl arginine deiminases (PAD) (5). The process, called citrullination, involves changing the positively charged arginine in LL37 to citrulline and thus changing its charge from positive to neutral. This effectively removes the mechanism by which LL37 is able to destroy viruses and bacteria (5, 33). Additionally, neutralization of charge by citrullination is responsible for disabling its ability to dampen inflammatory responses to viral infections.

If vitamin D is good, and you get it from the sun, how much sunshine is enough?

“Vitamin D is normally made by humans through exposure to adequate levels of sunlight. Broadly this means daily sun exposure to the skin for approximately 10 min. For the sun to provide adequate UVB to activate vitamin D production, the sun must be more than 45 degrees above the horizon. While the conditions for adequate UVB availability occur daily in equatorial regions of the Earth, they are only seasonally available at mid and high latitude locations. ”

Who gets low vitamin D and does it follow certain ages/ethnicities?

“VDD (vitamin D  deficiency) is found widely in industrialized societies world wide, but more so in mid and higher latitude locations as well as in older adults and in populations of color (9, 11)… Extensive evidence exists that African Americans as a group, historically have significantly lower serum Vitamin D levels than Americans of European descent. This risk factor is shared, to a lesser extent by others with greater skin pigmentation and who lack adequate daily UVB sunlight exposure (17–19). VDD is shared by those whose lifestyle choices, occupation or geographic location, limit their regular exposure to sun. VDD is also widely seen in populations where religion or social custom involves wearing clothing that fully covers the body.”

This data follows that older individuals, especially those house closely together without much outdoor exposure, would be already more likely to get infected.  This could account for the disproportionate number of hospitalizations and deaths of African Americans, who often had co-morbidities like HTN and diabetes.  Low metabolizing via sun compounded by geography. You did not see the huge numbers in those on the African continent.  It also explains Iran.

Is this 100% the answer? I don’t know, but it sure answered many questions I’ve had for months about the mechanism of this virus.


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    People’s Pharmacy current research on COVID/Vitamin D

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    Additional Vit. D info may explain who gets sick and why

And that’s just one discernable mechanism. Vitamin D is so essential it seems to be the primary factor determining SARS-CoV-2 pathogenicity or lack thereof. Same with influenza, as one can verify for oneself by taking large doses of D3 and keeping blood levels above 40, or better yet above 60 ng/ml during flu season, which will likely cause you to not get sick from the flu (but you will get the virus itself all the same).

The focus on Blacks is warranted due to their high melanin levels, but Muslim/Arab women are much worse off (atrociously so and for artificial reasons — where are the “feminists”??).

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