Accurate, succinct quotes for a film that convey the whole Reality of the Fed

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    Accurate, succinct quotes for a film that convey the whole Reality of the Fed

I am writing the script for a video about the Paradigm Shift, the converging man-made Crises that are driving it, and the changes in Civilization that we must make to end these Crises and which will define and create a bright New Paradigm.

In the video, I will discuss the current Massive Economic Distortion, one of 7 major converging Crises, how to reset the economy voluntarily with minimal suffering and damage before reality does so brutally, and what economic reforms are needed to prevent a similar distortion in the future.

Among these reforms includes the elimination, recreation or replacement of the Federal Reserve.  It is an elusive subject /hard to understand, maybe because as it is constructed and operates now, the Fed has no place in a real economy that will sustain the general prosperity – it is, at least in part, a fraud and an economic travesty.

I would appreciate some help from Peak Prosperity Wonks in the know, to find statements and quotes that will describe the reality of the Federal Reserve comprehensively, objectively and succinctly /that have been verified in the high standards of Peak Prosperity.  You could provide statements or quotes or direct me to websites where these are provided.

Also, please comment on the following:

1.  The introduction on the Federal Reserve’s website states, regarding profit making on money given free to the banking system for introducing money into the economy as loans with interest: “Reserve Banks are required by law to transfer net earnings to the U.S. Treasury, after providing for all necessary expenses of the Reserve Banks, legally required dividend payments, and maintaining a limited balance in a surplus fund.”

My question is, what are “all necessary expenses of the Reserve Banks and legally required dividend payments, and what is their total dollar value?  I presume “necessary expenses” are the fee for reasonable costs to administer the program.  If the control of the money supply and interest rates are truly meant as a therapeutic tool for a natural, robust and sustainable economy for the general prosperity, and not an instrument for the profit of banking interests and political power, then the system should only collect a valid fee for its administrative services (presumably the  “necessary expenses of the Reserve Banks”), and so the “legally required dividend payments” are pure profit garnished from the people in the form of interest they must pay to use the Nation’s money supply.  The amount of these legally mandated dividends is part of the bankers’ parasitism of the real productivity and wealth of the people.  I need to know what that amount is, perhaps over one  year, or stated as a percentage of new money loaned into existence.

2.  Economic Reform:  If we keep the Fed, how can we monitor and control this private banking cartel to assure that it uses its mandated control of the  money supply and interest rates to promote an open, free and robust economy for the long term common prosperity, rather than abuse of these mandated powers to increase the wealth and power of cartel members, related special interests or specific sectors of the economy.

3.  Economic Reform:  End the government practice of introducing fiat currency into the economy through the Federal Reserve as loans issued by private lenders who parasitize this stream of our common wealth by charging interest on it far in excess of loan administration costs to them and so diminish the common empowerment and prosperity this wealth is meant to promote.  Institute a new program where fiat currency is issued by our government directly to the people as interest free loans from our commonwealth for the common prosperity and where the cost of administration of these loans is paid by our government as a service to the common good or is paid for by program participants through a fee commensurate with the cost of loan administration.

This will also supplant the business of debt interest, one of the biggest businesses in our economy, which produces no real wealth but siphons the real wealth of real productivity in the form of loan interest which reduces the wealth of the people and causes them to pay more for what they purchase and so reduces their empowerment to exercise their creativity and liberty, in effect enslaving them.

4. If we eliminate the Federal Reserve, the primary ostensible purpose of which was to avert avoidable economic disaster by limited, strategic manipulation of the money supply and interest rates, what mechanism will we have to provide this safety net when the Fed is gone?  Won’t we still need the instrument of control of the money supply and interest rates for therapeutic manipulation of the economy? If the government becomes the issuer of new money in the form interest free loans, will interest rates even exist or have their manipulation have the power to effect the economy?    Is there some other therapeutic mechanism, perhaps a National Bank owned, operated, benefiting and profiting from the issuance of fiat currency as loans with interest, or issuing interest-fee loans for an administrative fee?

I really do not have the weeks in my film schedule to go into this subject where destructive usury is cloaked in obfuscation and a show of legitimacy.  I need to present profound statements that will present the public with truth about the Fed and the economic system.  I will really appreciate any help on this.

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    Accurate, succinct quotes for a film that convey the whole Reality of the Fed

Lead with…

‘Money printer go brrrrr’

Even the most clueless should get it…

I don’t mean this as a troll or an insult, I think you have a great idea, but from my experience with talking to ‘intelligent’ people about the fed, they just don’t get it.

I try to explain, in the simplest of terms, that the stated goal of the fed is to make sure that your dollars buy at minimum 2% less next year than they bought this year. People stare at me like a dog that’s been shown a card trick.

  • Thu, Sep 17, 2020 - 05:36am

    Mohammed Mast

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    Accurate, succinct quotes for a film that convey the whole Reality of the Fed

You cannot reform an amoeba.

A completely new financial system is the only answer and it is being created right now.

It is the crypto/blockchain revolution.

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