About 40% of cases are asympotamitc

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    About 40% of cases are asympotamitc



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    Reply To: About 40% of cases are asympotamitc

There have been many studies.  But when they controlled for presymptomatic – and vague symptoms  = its more like 25-28%.  that is a big difference..  more like 1/4 vs 1/2.    And really, I think there are symptoms that people had that were mild, that they discounted as something else.  ( an allergy, headache, food poisoning,  STRESS/ lack of sleep ) ///

How many people tested positive , but were actually not even positive?  we know that the test is proving very inaccurate for people clinically symptomatic, and those who are not that will get positive results..

Though  many people with “mild-moderate” symptoms, have long lasting symptoms, most did not have overt coronavirus symptoms associated with severe disease.. ( cough, shortness of breath )..    if you take this as what defines symptoms  – I would bet easily , 50% are asymptomatic.  The problem is most mild symptom people, Have no fever or very low grade fever, fatigue/sleepiness ( the most vague symptom in the world )   diarrhea ( can attributed to almost anything) , headache ( almost any cause )  mental fogginess ( very vague symptom again )//   So,  did they discount all the possible symptoms in the group of ( asymptomatic ) did they discount them for a particular length of time to make sure they were not presymptomatic?  NOPE.

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