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A Way to Promote Paid Membership

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  • Fri, Jul 24, 2009 - 04:07pm



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    A Way to Promote Paid Membership

Hi, Folks;

Just thought I’d share a new strategy I’ve started using to promote paid membership . . . .

When I receive private, customized assistance from any one of our generous members, I make sure that I acknowledge their help in the public threads, very specifically (while being careful to preserve the private nature of whatever aspect of that assistance mandated that it be done through the back channels).  I do this so that nonmembers will perceive that these one-on-one relationships, that are facilitated by paid membership, are a valuable benefit of "ante-ing up".

I just finished with an interaction with a new member, hooking them up with an existing (but relatively inactive) member, to provide for some desperately needed assistance.  At the end of the last email exchange, I included this addendum:

If you find this information useful, you can thank CM by posting a message, in your thread, describing your experience, and how useful it is to be a member (that is, so that you can get private advice from all of our members, via private messaging).  This will help CM’s mission by encouraging paid membership.  Thanks, in advance.

It’s a small thing, but, who knows?  If each member brings on two new members by this method, well, you all know about logarithms . . .

Any other ideas out there?

— C1oudfire


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