A True Hero of the Canadian Medical System

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    A True Hero of the Canadian Medical System


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    A True Hero of the Canadian Medical System

He’s a marvel.

I wish there were an update on his d-dimer testing.

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    A True Hero of the Canadian Medical System

What really struck me about Hoffe from the first time that I heard him, but I was not consciously aware of just what it was, until I saw this video, mentioning his origins, was that South African (Afrikaans) accent.

If you listen to him he is both very Christian (no insurance, just faith is god!), caring and kind. Yet that accent brings with it a sort of (Dr Strangelove) underlying seriousness so which so incongruous and uncanny. There is also the wonderful directness and clarity of his expression.

In Australia, and especially Western Australia, we have quite a few South Africans, as you might imagine given the unfortunate downward spiral of that country.



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    A True Hero of the Canadian Medical System

The medical tyranny and corruption at the highest levels of the medical system is breathtaking.

My rough notes from the video.

A True Hero of the Canadian Medical System: Dr. Charles Hoffe

Was seeing vaccine injury and reported it. Saw harm.
Was persecuted. Accused of creating vaccine hesitancy. Not allowed to question safety of experimental new vax.
10 of his patients have permanent disabilities due to the shots as of Nov 21. @4min
Got fired from emergency room doc for explaining that people with natural immunity don’t need a shot.
Most unsafe vax in history according to VAERS [email protected]
30% of people in hospital in BC fully vaxed.
They don’t make people immune. Will need boosters since don’t work well against variants and effectiveness fades.
PCR does not differentiate well between similar coronaviruses
Now finally doing autopsies and seeing only a fraction of the people labeled as C19 deaths are really so
Unethical to give to kids. no risk to healthy kids. @10min
Breach of ethics. vaccine not safe, media drives fear. 83 yrs is average age of death, not a serious illness for most people who are healthy.
Vax not keep people from getting the virus so you need to give outpatient treatment
Withholding life saving treatment. C19 is easily treated unlike polio and some other viruses.
Authorities telling docs they can’t give Ivermectin.
If safety is really the issue. Why withhold treatment from patients.
If had bronchitis and doc said go home and when your lips turn blue come back.
What if had infected wound and sent home until serious infection
It is easily infection to treat early.
Forcing people to take unsafe vax even though have natural immunity.
Hi risk folks need to get immune system in good shape: Vit D, C, zinc, sunshine, good mental attitude, Try to get Ivermectin. Good for prophylaxis outpatients, etc.
Cant get Ivermectin from doctors in BC, Canada
Check out the FLCCC. Safety information.

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    South Africans speaking out

I find it interesting that a number of the doctors speaking out are South African. Apart from Dr Hoffe I can think of Dr Marik and the woman doctor in northern Ontario — she lost her job — she was an emergency room physician too. Maybe they speak out more in South Africa? Or they are more independent minded? (Of course lots of other doctors speaking out are from other countries too.)

Amazing when he says that only 5% of people who “died of covid” actually did, according to the autopsies.

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