A How-To Guide For Installing A Home Garden

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    Great Thread

Have a little 6 by 8 greenhouse double wall 6mm poly with four 55 gallon barrels on the north wall.  It has worked well for seedling plantings and can keep us in lettuce almost till Christmas.  We have a new 12 by 20 double wall poly yet to be erected and have been thinking of a way to install a thermal solar panel to the side of it with a small 12V panel to power a pump into a line of 55 gallon drums lining the north face. If any of you have done something like this I would really appreciate any tips or lessons. I'm still trying to figure the freezing problem.  Do I go with a heat exchanger with anti freeze or is there a better solution. On another note I have been growing Silver Rose garlic for about 8 years.  We plant it in November and harvest mid to late summer.  This year looks pretty good so far it is growing nicely.  It keeps very well and we braid it and hang it in the basement.  Usually will last till the new crop comes in but last year it got soft and went bad a few months earlier than normal. So goes learning to be a good gardener.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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