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A gun is not enough

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  • Wed, Jun 12, 2019 - 09:54am



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    Firearm and ammunition choices

Dontcha just love debates about what is the best firearm and best ammunition for various scenarios?! I find them fun, though tiring sometimes, especially if opinions begin to stray into the realm of religious dogma.

They have a slogan at Front Sight I agree with wholeheartedly, “Any gun will do, as long as YOU will do.” To me that means a couple of things including that my mind is the weapon and the gun is just a tool. It also means awareness, attitude and training are much more important than one’s choices of firearms and ammunition. A companion slogan, from the military, is, “If I had to go into combat, I’d rather fight a infantry unit of 99 lions led by a sheep, rather than have to fight a unit of 99 sheep led by a lion.”

When the SHTF, I still think most situations will be decided by awareness, attitude and preparation just like they are today. Very few will be decided by firearm and ammunition choice. However, I am still personally interested in the debates because I want to be prepared for as many contingencies as possible. I don’t want to lose because I made poor choices about firearms and ammunition if I can help it.

”Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”

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    robie robinson

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    re: Book Smarts versus Common Sense

On a lighter note. We shouldn’t let our presuppositions get in the way of probabilities.

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    8 principles for a prepared mind

You can have a year’s supply of beans and rice; enough ammo and weapons to fight off the Golden Horde, a gaggle of zombies and a few renegade cannibals; acres of seeds and enough bandages to turn the entire NFL into mummies, but if you don’t have the prepared mindset, you will still struggle to survive.

What is a prepared mind?
It’s a way of thinking.  It’s a different philosophy of life than that of most of the population of North America. Someone who is mentally prepared processes everything differently: threats, challenges, and windfalls.

There are many common factors to this philosophical viewpoint but here are the ones that are the most important…

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