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A Good Community to Live In – What are some indicators?

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  • Fri, Feb 28, 2014 - 05:40am



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    A Good Community to Live In – What are some indicators?

I’ve been wanting to post on some qualities that my local community has, that I think are, more generally, indicators of a good community to belong to.  I have to go to work 🙂 so have to start this with a short post, but hopefully folks here can build on this.

Here’s an indicator I got this morning that I live in a good rural community:

– It is -11 degrees F., and the fire siren just went off.  That means that our local ALL VOLUNTEER fire department is at this moment suiting up to go help one of our neighbors in bitter cold conditions.

One more indicator:

– I live in a community with a big heart (big community support for charities) – Our local area has a couple of small cities near by, but nothing big.  And those are surrounded by rural towns and villages.  All the same, our area consistently excels in supporting  charities where people in the community pull together, and participate in walks, runs, biking and mototcycling events to earn funds for the charity (e.g., America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk, Bikers for Babies, etc/).  We have a community with a big  heart.

If you live in a good community already, what are some of the qualities that it has that you think makes it so (what are some indicators for others looking for good communities to look for)?

  • Mon, Mar 03, 2014 - 08:10pm


    Christopher H

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    I agree with those points, PineCarr…

A few others (based on my experience living in a great community, Warwick, NY) –

– Are there local cultural events sponsored not just by the town, but by private business and civic organizations?  My town has regular free concerts featuring some pretty good local musicians throughout the summer months.  They close off the street, kids can run free and dance, and businesses along that streets see a booming business.

– Do you see kids outside?  To expand on #1, I don't feel anxious if my 6-1/2 year old daughter is running around with her friends during the concerts I mentioned, or anywhere else when we're out and about.

– Is the commercial center walkable?  Having a viable town/village center with locally-owned businesses that doesn't require the use of a car (other than maybe to drive the few miles to the town) is key.  It lends itself to running into people and socializing with them.  My town also has a fantastic farmers' market, which in itself is as much a social function as a commercial one.

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    Nice, CAH!

Those are great ones, CAH!  All of those ring true for my local community as well.

Any more, folks?

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