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A CAll For A Constitutional Convention

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    A CAll For A Constitutional Convention

I must have been wrapped up in my work and just recently found out about 20 states passing state soveriegnty legislation. With numbers like that we might be close to getting the required number to call a Constitutional convention. There has never been one in this country for good reasons, One could be a powderkeg and once started, there is no guarentee what would come out of it. Now I don’t think holding one negates the current one so we keep what we have if the new one isn’t ratified. I’m wanting to polish these up and, add to them possibly, and start circulating them to the various state groups, particularly in the states that passed the sovereignty initiatives. Let this forum be such a place to offer additions, edits etc Here are my six proposaled amendments


Proposed Amendment 1: The Sovereign War Amendment – As a condition to US troops participating in war on foreign soil any conquered, or occupied foreign sovereign nation shall be offered statehood and entry into the United States Of America. Subsequent to open and fair election by said foreign people whether to enter statehood or not, all US troops shall be withdrawn within six months from any people who refuses statehood.

Comment: The above is meant to call an end to US “empire” building. Currently, each conquered nation gets set up with a “puppet” democracy established by handpicked politicians of the military rulers and enhance Federal authority at the expense of state’s rights.

Proposed Amendment 2: The Voter Responsibility Act – Since it is commonly recognized that no public official or judge should sit in position in matters to which they have a personal vested interest and such is commonly understood to be a “conflict” of interest the right to vote of persons receiving direct or indirect government payments is hereby rescinded.

Comment: This is a throwaway amendment. It would never pass. But if presented in a way that caused a tweaking of the voters’ consciences it gets the point across that we can’t pin all the blame on the politicians. We have the exact type of government we voted for and wanted. We wanted them to create money out of thin air as long as we got our share. Every voter goes to the polls with a sticker on their forehead that says “What’s in it for me”. Perhaps “settle” for asking for voluntary restraint from going to the polls if they have a conflict of interest.
Proposed Amendment 3: The Sound Money Restoration Act – The legal definition of the word “dollar” is hereby established to mean “the one oz silver coin minted by the US Mint as authorized by Congress”. Tax rates currently expressed as dollars are hereby declared to mean Federal Reserve Notes.

Comment: This would, in essence, make both the IRS and the Fed impotent. Just a legal point here that may sound crazy but is 100% true. On a tax form they ask me to report how many dollars I have made. They are asking me how many dollar “things” I have made and “things” in English are referred to as nouns. The word or expression “dollar” on a FRN, however, is an adjective. The word or number five on the FRNs is there to describe the type of note it is with “note” being the noun. There are one dollar notes, five dollar notes, red notes, green notes, etc. So, as a point of law, why have the American people become so ignorant that they don’t know the difference between a noun and an adjective and write down misinformation to their own detriment on legal documents like tax forms? This amendment would help educate them.

Proposed Amendment 4: The Balanced Budget Amendment – For a people to be truly free they need to remain free of debt. The Congress and President must operate within a balanced budget and are hereby forbidden to encumber and enslave its citizens with debt.

Comment: Compared to the above, this radical idea seems mainstream and tame, which is the point of the series of amendments. As long as the Fed has a printing press (and they don’t even need that today with computers, they just need a keyboard with the zero key working) and Congress has its hand on the power cord they will continue to create inflation

Proposed Amendment 5: The Debt Retirement Act – Whereas the US government has amassed huge sums of debt but that debt is all understood to be owed in the form of FRNs and not silver, and that the debt was acquired by persons of suitable age and intelligence to understand that FRNs were not backed or guaranteed, then, in order to make the nation debt free, Congress is authorized to make a one time printing to repay all current outstanding debt in FRNs.

Comment: This is meant to start a general realization of what “we” have done. I am 51 years old. I was a kid when Nixon went off the gold standard. I was a kid when Johnson removed silver from our coins. Now they tell me I’m in debt to the tune of $80,000? Give me a break! Why? Did someone fall a sleep at the keyboard and forget to add the zeroes to the end of balances? I mean, when they already have the ability to create money out of thin air how do they spen MORE than what they can create out of thin air? I repudiate that debt, it is a fraudulent debt and I refuse to pay it. Print up the “money” to pay it and retire it. Then we can start over.


Proposed Amendment 6: The Private Printing Of Money Act – Whereas it is through the function of a free market that buyers and sellers come together in agreement to conduct business. It is a place where the “meeting of the minds” occurs. Corporations and persons are hereby authorized to create their own money for performing business such as paying employees, suppliers etc.


Comment: When the dollar collapses what is McDonalds going to pay their employees with? Another created fiat currency? Gold? We live in an electronic age. Let McDonalds, Walmart, GM, etc possibly pay their employees in part or totally with company credits on debit cards redeemable and backed by corporate services. The usual argument against is one of safety. where the detrator says something along the lines of “What if McDonalds fails?” Aren’t we saying the same about the Fed? Granted I wouldn’t want to put my life savings into MickyDollars but they may be around longer than the Fed and I can see their books so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.



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