A bit of perspective

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  • Sat, Oct 25, 2008 - 02:31pm



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    Re: A bit of perspective


It’s still beneath the radar, and still poses severe career risks to anyone who gets involved, especially young new graduates (who are most likely to have fresh ideas) who are trying to carve out a career in a shrinking and intensely political scientific marketplace.

I’m hoping that may change as the energy crunch deepens, and hope that there is still time to move forward.


No doubt science is political, but my quick review of the literature out there suggests that, although there is some legitimacy to continued study of cold fusion, at best it is far away from having any applicability as an alternative energy source.  The frequently repeated phrase that cold fusion research has yet to produce enough excess energy to "heat a cup of tea" appears to be the state of the science.








The March 8, 2002 issue of Science published a controversial Taleyarkhan article reporting d-d fusion in sonoluminescence even though several distinguished scientists had asked that it be delayed and published with a conflicting paper (WN 8 Mar 02) . Meanwhile, Taleyarkhan moved to Purdue, which has been embroiled in the controversy ever since. Today’s issue of Science relates what may be the final chapter in a sad journey of Rusi Taleyarkhan from foolishness to fraud. The third Purdue committee to review the controversy "clearly documents that there has never been any successful replication except when Taleyarkhan is present or supervising."

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)

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