4 inmates sue doctor for giving them ivermectin

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  • Fri, Jan 14, 2022 - 11:16am

    Mohammed Mast

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    4 inmates sue doctor for giving them ivermectin

The doctor followed flccc protocols in giving the inmates vitamins and Ivermectin. he treated 531 inmates and the only one to go to the hospital refused to take the meds. no jail anywhere had a better record of keeping inmates out of the hospital.

A county justice of the peace named Tina Meadows got on the dewormer bandwagon and complained to the sheriff. when he wouldn’t do anything she went to the state dept. of corrections. They shut the doctor down. He had been a doctor at the jail for 6 years. He has a clinic where he treats covid patients with Ivermectin etc.

This article is complete bullshit and illustrates that the beast of mass formation is alive and well.

  • Fri, Jan 14, 2022 - 11:44am



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    4 inmates sue doctor for giving them ivermectin

Here is a link to the story  https://www.insider.com/4-arkansas-inmates-suing-jail-doctor-prescribing-ivermectin-without-consent-2022-1

My guess is the inmates are gaming the system. They see a chance to rock the boat and maybe gain some advantage. It was ever thus.

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    Meryl Nass, MD

This is quite the dilemma for a physician.  Just this week the State of Maine revoked the license of Meryl Nass, MD, for giving “miss-information” about COVID in her blogs and public interviews.  (No patients complained)

The principle of shared decision making offers some cover here.  “There are a few non-standard treatments that might helped with COVID, but they are unproven and not widely accepted in the USA. If you would like, I can tell you about them.  Of course you are always welcome to stick with the standard medical treatment—which is nothing.”

Another is indirect information sharing without making a recommendation.    ”I am not allowed to prescribe these medications for you and hospital policy forbids me from recommending it.  So I can only tell you what I do when I get sick.”  Or “Let me tell you about a couple of studies that influenced my thinking.  Then you can make up your own mind.”

Some supplies can be found at ValleyVet.com, Tractor Supply or Text2MD.  “But I can’t write you a prescription  and am not officially allowed to recommend this.”

  • Sat, Jan 15, 2022 - 01:11pm



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    Reply To: 4 inmates sue doctor for giving them ivermectin

This really gets me angry.

Well then, the families whom have lost someone due to hospitals not providing early treatment let alone any early treatment, should be able to sue for their deaths.

  • Wed, Jan 19, 2022 - 02:08pm



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    4 inmates sue doctor for giving them ivermectin

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