30 Peer Reviewed Studies on Natural Immunity vs Vax

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    30 Peer Reviewed Studies on Natural Immunity vs Vax

Here is a new post from a new organization listing thirty 2021 peer-reviewed scientific studies that show natural immunity is not just a “thing,” it is more effective against variants of Covid than vaccinations. “[T]he science exists. Many studies exist. Their authors deserve credit, recognition, and to have their voices heard.”

Of course, this is not really news – the science community and the medical community used to know the power of natural immunity; they just forgot that they know it when the power and money folk knocked on their doors with threats to grants, jobs, and accreditation.

Folks, as Whitney said in her interview with Chris, they are going to lose because they’re too hubristic; it’s just a question of how much damage they do as they fall. I think the signs are increasingly apparent: they are already falling.

FYI: This list of studies is from the Brownstone Institute, founded in May 2021. It “places the highest value on the voluntary interaction of individuals and groups while minimizing the use of violence and force including that which is exercised by public authority. This vision is that of the Enlightenment that elevated learning, science, progress, and universal rights to the forefront of public life, and is newly threatened by ideologies and systems that would take the world back before the triumph of the ideal of freedom.”


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    30 Peer Reviewed Studies on Natural Immunity vs Vax

Thank you for posting this!

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