24 day incubation based on one case

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  • Wed, Feb 12, 2020 - 07:07am



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    24 day incubation based on one case

NHK World News reported today that there was one case out of 1250 cases MAY have been incubating for 24 days. The scientist stated the study was preliminary, and he did not consider his initial findings as conclusive. So everyone, take a deep breath.

For you folks who have the Google smart speakers, ask it to play “NHK News,” which has the most current news on the covid-19 virus. The Amazon smart speaker is dumber and does not recognize NHK.

The most disturbing news reported today was the Japanese government was able to test only 300 persons per day on the cruise ship. It has asked outside hospitals to furnish staff to test 1000 daily. About time.


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